Playlist 30.08.2021

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Playlist 30.08.2021

On this week's programme:

Badume’s Band are from Brittany with Ethiopian singer Selamnesh Zéméné.

Back in the ‘70s funk bands in Yaoundé, Cameroon, relied on the church’s sound systems to get recorded.

Mamaki Boys are a hiphop crew from Niamey in Niger whose album was originally self-released in 2007.

Massilia Sound System are a Marseille ragga outfit since 1984 with lyrics in French and Occitan.

‘Bonga’ Jean-Baptiste is from a family steeped in the Vodou tradition of Haiti.

Nilza Costa is from Salvador in Bahia but longtime resident in Italy.

Dos Santos are an alt-Latinx band based in Chicago with a love song to Puerto Rico.

Taj Weekes is a singer-songwriter, poet and musician from St Lucia.

Kosmo Sound are a Belgian instrumental reggae outfit.

The Archives, from Washington DC, have a reggae tribute - and a dub version - to the late Gil Scott-Heron.

Natalia Lafourcade is a Mexican singer and a major cultural figure in Veracruz.

Cuban pianist Omar Sosa renews his connection with Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita.

Monoswezi is African and Scandinavian band with members from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Norway and Sweden.

The Malawi Mouse Boys return with a single recorded in front of Nelson’s house.

Journalist and radio presenter Gianluca Tramontana made extensive recordings of changüí musicians in Eastern Cuba.

Two more kora players:

Maher Cissoko is a Senegalese artist based in Sweden, while Ballaké Sissoko, distinguished Malian veteran of many collaborations, has a solo album on the way.

Joseph Tawadros is of Egyptian background and an Australian resident - a master of the oud.

Ustad Saami, unique Pakistani microtonal singer, has his third album coming out at the beginning of October.

NB: Next week - a tribute to Lee Perry, and to Barthélémy Attisso of Orchestra Baobab.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday August 30th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Badume’s Band with Selamnesh Zéméné: “Yaho bele”.

2.Badume’s Band with Selamnesh Zéméné: “Ye’ambassel Mare”.Both from “Yaho Bele / Say Yeah” (Innacor 2021).

3.Willie Songue et les Showmen: “Moni Ngan”. From the compilation “Cameroon Garage Funk” (forthcoming on Analog Africa).

4.Mamaki Boys: “Guilgijin Goriba”. From “Patriote” (Sahel Sounds 2021).

5.Massilia Sound System: “Nine”. From “Sale Caractère” (Manivette Records 2021).

6.‘Bonga’ Jean-Baptiste: “Azouké”. From “Boula” (forthcoming on Buda Musique).

7.Nilza Costa: “Oxelu ko ni se”. From “Le Notti di San Patrizio” (Bruttori Moderne 2021).

8.Dos Santos: “City Of Mirrors”. From the forthcoming album “City Of Mirrors” (International Anthem).

9.Taj Weekes feat. Big Mountain: “Bang Bang”. From “Pause” (Jatta Records 2021).

10.Kosmo Sound: “Teddy Dub” (Single on Zephyrus 2021).

11.The Archives: “Revolution disguised as change”. From “Carry Me Home Dub” (Montserrat House 2021).

12.Natalia Lafourcade: “La Llorona (version acustica)”. From “Un Canto Por Mexico Vol. 2” (Sony 2021).

13.Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita: “Drops Of Sunrise”. From “Suba” (forthcoming on Bendigedig).

14.Monoswezi: “Where is my mbira”. From “Shanu” (Riverboat / World Music Network 2021).

15.Malawi Mouse Boys: “I’m so tired of evil” (Single).

16.Grupo Estrella Campesinas: “Guararey de Pastora”. From the compilation “Changüí: The Sound of Guantanamo” (Petaluma Records 2021).

17.Maher Cissoko: “Miniyamba”. From “Cissoko Heritage” (Ajabu! 2021).

18.Ballaké Sissoko: “Demba Kunda”. From “A Touma” (forthcoming on No Format!).

19.Joseph Tawadros: “The Longer Road”. From “Hope In An Empty City” (Independent/MGM 2021).

20.Ustad Saami: “Night Falls”. From “East Pakistan Sky” (forthcoming on Glitterbeat).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Alice Coltrane: “Kirtan: Turiya Sings” (Impulse!).

2.Monsieur Doumani: “Pissourin” (Glitterbeat).

3.V.A: “Cameroon Garage Funk” (Analog Africa).

4.Taj Weekes: “Pause” (Jatta Records).

5.Massilia Sound System: “Sale Caractère” (Manivette Records).

6.Balimaya Project: “Wolo So” (Jazz Re:freshed).

7.Angelique Kidjo: “Mother Nature” (Decca/Universal).

8.Coskun Karademir & Tord Gustavsen with Derya Türkan & Ömer Arslan: “Silence” (Kalan).

9.Multumult: “Now And Then - New Sounds from an Old World” (The Lollipoppe Shoppe).

10. Guy Buttery, Mohd. Amjad Khan, Mudassir Khan: “One Morning In Gurgaon” (Riverboat/World Music Network).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Lee Perry & The Upsetters: “Dub Revolution (pt.1)”.

2.Lee Perry: “Dreadlocks in Moonlight”.Both from the compilation “Lee Scratch Perry: Arkology” (Island Records 1997).

3.Lee Perry & Anthony “Sangie” Davis: “Words”. From the compilation “Lee Perry - I Am The Upsetter: the story of the Lee “Scratch” Perry Golden Years” (Trojan/Sanctuary 2005).

4.Orchestra Baobab: “Nijaay”. From “Made In Dakar” (World Circuit 2007).

5.Orchestra Baobab: “Utru Horas”. From “Pirate’s Choice” (World Circuit 1989).
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