Playlist 30.05.2023

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Playlist 30.05.2023

On this week’s programme:

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday May 30th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.     Bantu: “Wayo and Division”. From “What Is Your Breaking Point?” (Soledad Productions 2023).

2.     Fatoumata Diawara feat. M:anifest: “Mogokan”. From “London Ko” (Wagram 2023).

3.     Bokanté: “Tandé”.

4.     Bokanté: “Bliss”.  Both from “History” (Real World 2023).

5.     Tinariwen: “Tidjit”.

6.     Tinariwen: “Imidiwan Mahitinam”.  Both from “Amatssou” (Wedge 2023).

7.     Cyril Cyril & Meridian Brothers: “Diablos de Chuao” (Single on Bongo Joe 2023).

8.     Plena Libre: “Don’t bury”. From “Cuatro Esquinas” (GN Musica 2023).

9.     Lebeha Drummers: “Yugadan”. From “Biama” (Neuma Records 2023).

10.  Zeyn’el: “Pazarlik mi olur”.

11.  Zeyn’el: “Su kanli zalimin ettigi isler”.  From “Divan & Divine” (forthcoming on ARC Music).

12.  Mircan Kaya: “Alismisim kaslari kara - Daglar daglar viran daglar”. From “Live At Istanbul” (UCM 2023).

13.  Damir Imamovic: “Bejturan”. From “The World And All That It Holds” (Smithsonian Folkways 2023).

14.  Lankum: “Go dig my grave”. From “False Lankum” (Rough Trade 2023).

15.  Sourdurent: “Chamin ne vol pas”. From “L’Herbe de Détourne” (Bongo Joe 2023).

16.  Adam Semijalac: “Kajanje”. From “Ode Dite” (Adam Semijalac 2023).

17.  Necolai Florea, Nicolae Amarandei, Valentin Balasanu: “Batuta de la Flaminzi”.

18.  Necolai Florea, Nicolae Amarandei, Valentin Balasanu: “Pe Saltate, ca la Deleni”. Both from “Moldavia - Peasant Tunes From The Old Land Of Harlau” (Buda Musique 2023).

19.  Various Artists: “Chase the evil spirits away”.

20.  Various Artists: “We must give thanks”.

21.  Various Artists: “The spirit travels at night”.  All from “Taa! Our Language May Be Dying But Our Voices Remain” (forthcoming on Glitterbeat).

22.  Rick Deitrick: “Abedonia”. From “The Unguitarist: Complete Works 1969-2022” (Tompkins Square 2023).

23.  Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabaté: “Stay Here”. From “The Sky Is The Same Colour Everywhere” (Real World 2023).

24.  Dom La Nena: “Temporal”. From “Leon” (Sabia/Big Wax/Alter K 2023).

25.  Matthieu Saglio with Susana Baca: “Ponte un alma”.

26.  Matthieu Saglio: “Madiba”.  Both from “Voices” (ACT 2023).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

 1.  Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabaté: “The Sky Is The Same Colour Everywhere” (Real World).

2.  Lankum: “False Lankum” (Rough Trade).

3.  Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola & Sølvstrøk: “Sølvstrøk” (Heilo).


4.  Baaba Maal: “Being” (Marathon).


5.  Ali Farka Touré: “Voyageur” (World Circuit).


6.  Fatoumata Diawara: “London Ko” (Wagram).

7.  Hiram Salsano: “Bucolica” (Hiram Salsano).


8.  Tinariwen: “Amatssou” (Wedge).

9.  Damir Imamovic: “The World And All That It Holds” (Smithsonian Folkways).

10.  Blick Bassy: “Madiba” (InFiné).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1. Rumbaristas: “Palanca”. From “Malabares” (Via Lactea).

2. Jantra: “Gedima”. Single from forthcoming album (Ostinato).

3. Hiram Salsano: “Otreviva”. From “Bucolica” (Hiram Salsano).

4. Desire Marea: “Rah”. From “On The Romance Of Being” (Mute).

5. Blick Bassy: “Hola me”. From “Madiba” (No Format!).
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