Playlist 29.11.2021

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Playlist 29.11.2021

On this week's programme:

John Townley is a veteran seafarer musician with a New York base.

A collective of southern Italian musicians, inspired by Dario Fo, celebrate their heritage.

Justin Adams, roving guitarist, joins forces with Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino’s main man, Mauro Durante.

Analog Africa’s “Essiebons Special” celebrates the work of Ghanaian producer, the late Dick Essilfie-Bondzie.

“La Caña de Millo” reveals the origins of Colombia’s cumbia sound.

Tamala are a Brussels-based acoustic trio, two parts Senegalese, one part Belgian.

Cristina Clara is a Portuguese singer with a style that embraces folk traditions from fado to chorinho.

Ifé is led by Otura Mun, Afro-Caribbean percussionist and high priest based in New Orleans.

Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla is a Mauritanian keyboardist and wedding party star.

Black Flower is a five-piece Brussels band led by Nathan Daems.

Oki is a Japanese Ainu musician and one-time collaborator with Kila.

The Nilotika Cultural Ensemble have released the first African nyabinghi album.

Manudigital and Frenchman Bazbaz have produced a dub chanson song.

Soundway release a collection of ‘80s Balearic club music.

Por El Rio are a trio of two Argentinians and a Uruguayan on a river journey.

Jeff Parker, one-time Tortoise guitarist, has a new solo album on the way.
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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday November 22nd. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.John Townley: “Bully In The Alley”.

2.John Townley: “The Boatman Dance”. Both from “The Sailor & The Mermaid” (Lollipoppe Shoppe 2021).

3.Various Artists: “Canti di Lavoro”.

4.Various Artists: “Bella Ciao (a Sud)”. Both from “A Sud Di Bella Ciao: Songs of love and revolt from Southern Italy” (Visage 2021).

5.Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Cupa Cupa”.

6.Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Still Moving”. Both from “Still Moving” (Ponderosa 2021).

7.Black Masters Band: “Wonnim A Bisa”. From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa 2021).

8.20 de Enero: “Yoana”.

9.El Nino Ramos: “El Callejero”. Both from the compilation “La Caña de Millo: Voz Histórica y Silenciada de la Cumbia” (Chaco World 2021).

10.Tamala: “Tule, tuul”. From “Lumba” (Muziekpublique 2021).

11.Cristina Clara: “Manjericos”.

12.Cristina Clara: “O Pajem”.Both from “Lua Adversa” (Sony Portugal 2021).

13.Ifé: “Prayer for Shango”. From “0000+0000” (Mais Um 2021).

14.Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla: “Kar”. From “Terrouzi” (Sahel Sounds 2019).

15.Black Flower: “O Fogo”. From “Magma” (forthcoming on Sdban Ultra).

16.Oki: “Yaikatekara Dub” (Single on Mais Um 2021).

17.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Tuli Bakabuuka Mubire”. From “Nyabingi Resurrection” (Switchstance Recordings 2021).

18.Manudigital & Bazbaz: “Dernière Danse” (Single on X-Ray Production 2021).

19.Madrid Groove: “Suave”.

20.Ma Ritter: “Flamenco Rap (in the land of dreams)”.

21.Busy Code: “Bianco”. All from “Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish synth-pop, boogie & house 1982-92” (Soundway 2021).

22.Por El Rio: “Dios de la Pena”. From “Confluencia” (Por El Rio 2021).

23.Jeff Parker: “Suffolk”. From the forthcoming album “Forfolks” (International Anthem).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Juçara Marçal: “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um).

2.Monsieur Doumani: “Pissourin” (Glitterbeat).

3.Susana Baca: “Palabras Urgentes” (Real World).

4.Tamala: “Lumba” (Muziekpublique).

5.V.A: “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

6.Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita: “Suba” (Bendigedig).

7.Xanthoula Dakovanou: “Lamenta” (Quart de Lune).

8.V.A: “Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalandunyan & Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora” (Smithsonian Folkways).

9.Meridian Brothers y Conjunto Media Luna: “Paz En La Tierra” (Bongo Joe).

10. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Still Moving” (Ponderosa).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Ernest Honny: “Kofi Psych”. From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

2.Proekt Polotentse: “Kukushka”. From “B-Sides” (Proekt Polotentse).

3.Lass: “Yaco Mome”. From the EP “Lass” (Chapter Two).

4.Park Jiha: “Light Way”. From forthcoming album “The Gleam” (tak:til / Glitterbeat).

5.Ahmedou Amed Lowra: “Khal Kar”. From “Terrouzi” (Sahel Sounds).
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