Playlist 26.02.2018

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Playlist 26.02.2018

"Ear to the Globe" playlist information - broadcast on 19/02/2018

"Gumba Fire" is the result of Soundway's latest delve into the archives, specifically 1980s South African archives.

The Mauskovic Dance Band hail from Amsterdam.

Djeneba & Fousco are a Malian couple on voice and guitar.

Orchestra Les Mangalepa are veterans of the Kenyan music scene.

Guy One is a Ghanaian kologo player.

Mahmoud Gania is a master of the guimbri and a gnawa band leader.

Spirited Palestinian exiles, 47Soul, have a brand new album out now.

Selda Bagcan's long outspoken career has often been a thorn in the side of the Turkish government.

Natasa Mirkovic is a Bosnian singer of Sephardic songs, backed by two jazz musicians.

The Samurai Accordion fivesome are from Italy, the Basque Country, Finland, and Ireland.

Eleonora Bordonaro is Sicilian singer with traditional stories from her homeland.

Mulatu Astatke is the celebrated founder of Ethio-jazz, his own genre.

Guillaume Barraud is a French jazz man, trained in the Indian bansuri flute.

Nat Birchall also plays Indian-inspired jazz, featuring the harmonium.

Senegalese kora virtuoso Seckou Keita's visit to Dublin was a casualty of the weather, but here he unveils his new collaboration with Welsh harpist, Catrin Finch.

Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday January 8th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1 1. The Survivals: "My Brother". From "Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth-Boogie in 1980s South Africa" (forthcoming on Soundway).

2. Mauskovic Dance Band: "The Opposite". From "Down in the Basement" (Soundway EP 2018).

3. Djeneba & Fousco: "Kono". From "Kayeba Khasso" (438 Productions / Lusafrica 2018).

4. Orchestre Les Mangalepa: "Suzanna". From "Last Band Standing" (Strut 2017).

5. Guy One: "N'Yella Be Berbere". From "#1" (Philophon 2018).

6. Maalem Mahmoud Gania: "Sadati Houma El Boukala". From "Colours of the Night" (Hive Mind 2017).

7. 47Soul: "Don't care where you from". From "Shamstep" (47 Soul).

8. Selda Bagcan: "Yaylalar". From a promotional compilation not commercially available; originally from "Selda" (Turkuola 1976).

9. Natasa Mirkovic: "Buenas noches Hanum Dudu". From "En el Amor" (Carpe Diem 2017).

10. Samurai Accordion: "Sushi Time".

11. Samurai Accordion: "Tarantella rouge & noir". Both from "Te" (Visage 2017).

12. Eleonora Bordonaro: "Tri Tri Tri".

13. Eleonora Bordonaro: "A'Partita". From "Cuttuni e lame" (Finisterre 2017).

14. Mulatu Astatke: "Mulatu". From "Mulatu Of Ethiopia" (Strut 1972/2017).

15. Guillaume Barraud: "Wandering Spirit". From "Arcana: The Indo-Jazz Sessions" (Riverboat / World Music Network 2018).

16. Nat Birchall: "Man from Varanasi". From "Cosmic Language" (forthcoming on Jazzman Records).

17. Ben Murray: "Time Has Told Me". From the compilation "The Self Preservation Society" (ECC 2018).

18. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita: "Clarach". From "Soar" (ARC 2018).

***Seckou Keita plays The Little Museum of Dublin at a date to be re-arranged***

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


Top 10 Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Various Artists: “Oté Maloya: The Birth of Electric Maloya on Réunion Island 1975-1986" (Strut).


2. Boubacar Traoré: "Dounia Tabolo" (Lusafrica).


3. TootArd: "Laissez Passer" (Glitterbeat).


4. Maya Youssef: "Syrian Dreams" (Harmonia Mundi).


5. La TchouTchouKa: "El Chuchutero" (Helloasso).


6. Maalem Mahmoud Gania: "Colours of the Night" (Hive Mind).


7. Orchestre Les Mangalepa: "Last Band Standing" (Strut).


8. Gabacho Maroc: "Tawassol" (Les Arts Alliés).         


9. Brigid Mae Power: "The Two Worlds" (Tompkins Square).


10. 47Soul: “Balfron Promise” (Cooking Vinyl).

Sound Tracks of the week:

1.  Cesaria Evora: "Angola (versao carnaval)". From EP "Carnaval de Mindelo" (Lusafrica).

2.  47Soul: “Mo Light”. From “Balfron Promise” (Cooking Vinyl).

3.  Guy One: "N'Yella Be Bobere". From "#1" (Philophon).


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