Playlist 25.05.2020

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Playlist 25.05.2020

On this week's programme:

Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela’s new album was recorded in 2010 and now stands as a monument to both.

Santrofi, from Accra, are revisiting and renewing Ghanaian highlife.

Mulatu Astatke, founder of Ethio-jazz, has an upcoming album with Melbourne’s Black Jesus Experience.

Groupe RTD’s album will be the first international release from Djibouti in East Africa.

Etuk Ubong, Nigerian trumpeter/composer, has a fired-up jazz statement direct to disc.

Haitian 7-piece Chouk Bwa join forces with Brussels duo, the Ångströmers.

Fra Fra are a Ghanaian trio specialising in funeral song, and recorded on location by Ian Brennan.

TootArd are a duo from the Golan Heights with a retro electro-pop sound.

Transglobal Underground are back with many of their key contributors including Natacha Atlas.

Afrosideral is a Latin electronic project from Cuban all-rounder, Kumar Sublevao Beat.

Brazilian chanteuse Flavia Coelho guests on a track from Montreal producer Poirier.

Limoncello are transatlantic pop retroists spanning New York, Paris and Italy.

Daniel Melingo, born again as a tango maestro, explores darkness and magic.

Eleonora Bordanaro is a Sicilian singer reinvigorating her cultural heritage in striking form.

Brader Musiki is a veteran Kurdish exponent of the tembur.

JMO are a Swiss concoction of clarinet, kora and oriental percussion.

Kansas Smitty’s are East London jazz collective led by US Italian Giacomo Smith.


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday May 25th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela: “Agbada Bougou”.

2.    Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela: “Obama Shuffle Strut Blues”. Both from “Rejoice” (World Circuit 2020).From “Rejoice” (World Circuit 2020).

3.    Santrofi: “Odo Maba”. From “Alewa” (Out Here 2020).

4.    Mulatu Astatke & the Black Jesus Experience: “Lijay”. Single from forthcoming album “To Know Without Knowing” (Agogo).

5.    Groupe RTD: “Raga Kaan Ka’Eegtow (You Are The One I Love)”. From “The Dancing Devils of Djibouti” (forthcoming on Ostinato).

6.    Etuk Ubong: “African Struggle”. Single from forthcoming album “Africa Today” (Night Dreamer).

7.   Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers: “Odjay - Nati Kongo”.

8.   Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers: “Rara”.  Both from “Vodou Alé” (Bongo Joe 2020).

9.   Fra Fra: “You Can’t Escape Death”. From “Funeral Songs” (Glitterbeat 2020).

10. TootArd: “Stone Heap Of The Wild Cat”. From “Migrant Birds” (Glitterbeat 2020).

11. Transglobal Underground: “City In Peril”. From “Walls Have Ears” (Mule Satellite 2020).

12.  Afrosideral: “Chango en el Olimpo”. From “El Olimpo de los Orishas” (Wonderwheel 2020).

13.  Poirier & Flavia Coelho: “Cafe com Leite” (Single on Wonderwheel).

14.  Limoncello: “Musica Aqui” (Single on Far Out).

15.  Melingo: “La Busqueda”.

16.  Melingo feat. Miguel Zavaleta: “Hécate”. Both from “Oasis” (Buda Musique 2020).

17.  Eleonora Bordonaro: “Menza Spogghia”. From “Moviti Ferma” (Finisterre 2020).

18.  Brader Musiki: “Kalbun Belaye”. From “Herim Kuda” (Terp 2020).

19.  Blind Willie Johnson: “Jesus make up my dying bed”. From “The Rough Guide to Spiritual Blues” (World Music Network 2020).

20.  JMO: “Nyong”. From “Dandoula Tala” (CPL-Music 2020).

21.  Kansas Smitty’s: “Judgement”. From the forthcoming album “Things Happened Here” (Ever/!K7).

Thanks for listening.

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Recommendations are below.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.   Groupe RTD: “The Dancing Devils of Djibouti” (Ostinato).


2.  Santrofi: “Alewa” (Out Here).


3.  Trio Tekke: “Strovilos” (Riverboat / World Music Network).


4.  Edikanfo: “The Pace Setters” (Glitterbeat).


5.  Melingo: “Oasis” (Buda Musique).


6.  Džambo Aguševi Orchestra: “Brasses for the Masses” (Asphalt Tango).


7.  Jola: “Hidden Gnawa Music in Brussels” (Muziekpublique).


8.  Tamikrest: “Tamotait” (Glitterbeat).


9.  Andrew Cronshaw: “Zithers” (Cloud Valley).

10. Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela: “Rejoice” (World Circuit).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Meridian Brothers: “Puya del Empresario” (Single from forthcoming album on Bongo Joe).

2.   Prince Fatty with Shniece Mcmenamin & Horseman: “Take me as I am”. From EP “Disco Deception” (Evergreen).

3.   Etuk Ubong: “African Struggle”. Single from forthcoming album “Africa Today” (Night Dreamer).

4.   Bab L’Bluz: “Ila Mata”. From forthcoming album “Nayda!” (Real World).

5.   Transglobal Underground: “Ruma Jhuma”. From “Walls Have Ears” (Mule Satellite).

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