Playlist 24.06.2019

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Playlist 24.06.2019

On this week's programme:

The “Jambu” Brazilian collection is ’70s music from Belém and surrounds, in the state of Pará.

Amazonian grand-dame Dona Onete is from the same area and her new album comes out the first week in July.

Luedji Luna is a singer-songwriter from Salvador, of black Afro-Brazilian heritage.

Marcos Valle’s career started in the early ‘60s bossa nova movement.

***NB. Bossa artist Mart’nalia is in the Sugar Club this Thursday 27th***

“NuNairobi” is a cultural hub in that city bringing together a range of contemporary styles.

Natu Camara is a Guinean singer fronting a band of Salif Keita’s musicians in Mali.

Blick Bassy has recorded a tribute to the heroes of the 1958 Cameroonian independence struggle.

Zulya is an Australian singer of Tatar-Russian extraction.

The Khonyagaran Orchestra is an all-female orchestra from Iran.

Montreal-based Constantinople play Middle-Eastern music in collaboration with the kora of Ablaye Cissoko.

Yolla Khalifé is a Franco-Lebanese singer.

The Al Qahwa Ensemble is a Toronto-based outfit with a repertoire from the Arab world.

Gaiteiros de Lisboa are a longstanding band of Portuguese tradition with pipes and voices leading.

Sara Correia is a young exponent of fado, releasing her debut, while Mísia is well-established artist since the early ’90s.

Danças Ocultas are a Portuguese accordion quartet with some guests sitting in.

Calexico are the Arizona Americana band in collaboration with singer-songwriter Sam Beam (Iron & Wine).

Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday June 24th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.   Verequete e O Conjunto Uirapuru: “Da Garrafa Uma Pinga”.

2.   Grupo da Pesada: “Võa Andorinha”.  Both from “Jambu e Os Miticos Sons da Amazônia” (Analog Africa 2019).

3.   Dona Onete: “Festa do Tubarão”.

4.   Dona Onete: “Fogo na Aldeia”.  Both from “Rebujo” (forthcoming on Mais Um).

5.   Luedji Luna: “Banho de Folhas”. From “Um Corpo No Mundo” (Sterns 2019).

6.   Marcos Valle: “Odisseia”. From “Sempre” (Far Out 2019).

7.   Makadem: “Kisumu Bound Bus”.

8.   Just A Band: “Dunia ina Mambo”. Both from “#NuNairobi - Kenya’s Music Hub” (OutHere 2019).

9.   Natu Camara: “Gonlein”. From “Dimedi” (Natuwenta Productions 2019).

10. Blick Bassy: “Ngwa”. From “1958” (No Format! 2019).

11. Zulya: “Fourth Day”. From “Six Days Loving” (Zulya Kamalova 2019).

12. Khonyangaran Orchestra: “The word of the love”. From “Under Siege” (Pardis 2019).

13. Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko: “Reveries”. From “Traversées” (Ma Case 2019).

14. Yolla Khalifé: “Mann Ana”. From “On The Road” (Nagam Records 2019).

15. Al Qahwa Ensemble: “Sama’i Blues”. From “Cairo Moon” (Al Qahwa 2019).

16. Gaiteiros de Lisboa: “Besta Quadrada”. >From “Bestiário” (Uguru 2019).

17. Sara Correia: “Sou A Casa”. From “Sara Correia” (Universal/Wrasse 2019).

18. Mísia feat. Daniel Melingo: “Corazon y Hueso”. From “Pura Vida” (Galileo 2019).

19. Danças Ocultas: “Bailar em Silencio”. From “Dentro Desse Mar” (Galileo 2019).

20. Calexico / Iron & Wine: “The Bitter Suite - Pájaro / Evil Eye / Tennessee Train”. From “Years To Burn” (City Slang 2019).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Angelique Kidjo: “Celia” (Decca).  


2.  Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi: “There Is No Other” (Nonesuch).


3.  Blick Bassy: “1958” (No Format!).


4.  Various Artists: “Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years of Topic Records” (Topic).


5. Refugees for Refugees: “Amina” (Muziekpublique).


6. Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá: “De Palenque a Matonge” (Zephyrus).


7. Various Artists: “Jambu e Os Miticos Sons da Amazônia” (Analog Africa).


8. Natu Camara: “Arabama Di”. From “Dimedi” (Natuwenta Productions).  


9. BCUC: “The Healing” (Buda).


10. AKA Trio: “Joy” (Bendigedig).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.  Angelique Kidjo: “Toro Mata”. From “Celia” (Decca France).

2.  Roberto Lopez: “Guayaba y Limon”. From “Kaleido Strópico” (Curura Musique).


3.  Lila Ike: “Second Chance” (Single on In.Digg.Nation).

4.  SPAZA: “Magwinya Mangola neWhite Liver”. From “SPAZA” (Mushroom Hour Half-Hour).

5.  Sam Lee: “The Deserter”. From the compilation “Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years of Topic Records” (Topic).

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