Playlist 23.12.2019

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Playlist 23.12.2019

On this week's programme:

Sunny Jain is dhol player and member of New York’s Red Baraat.

DJ Mam from Brazil, and the Colombian Powerhouse collection bring us cool South American dance.

A soul/gospel session includes the great Mavis Staples, a compilation of of ’70s gospel-soul, and an excellent album of Midwest ’60s gospel.

A brace of reggae tunes are from Belgium and Switzerland.

Lamia Bedioui is a Tunisian-born singer with extensive percussion and didjeridoo backing from Solis Barki.

Lankum serve a dark and brooding version of Irish tradition.

Lina sings fado over Raül Refree’s electronic and keyboard settings.

Dimitris Mystakidis sings a compelling gravelly Greek rembetika blues.

The Good Ones celebrate tribal unity in Rwanda with some high-profile guests on board.

New York’s multicultural  Go:Organic Orchestra are led by Adam Rudolph.

Rafiki Jazz are possible the UK’s most culturally diverse group - a multi-ethnic village of a band.


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday December 16th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Sunny Jain: “Immigrant Warrior”. Single from the forthcoming album “Wild Wild East” (Smithsonian Folkways).

2.    DJ Mam: “Bilbum Bilbum Tem Loba Na Beira Do Rio”. From the EP “Sotaque Carregado Europa” (4 P’s 2019).

3.    Chongo de Colombia: “Oí mi Tambó”.

4.    Jesus Sayas: “Torobe”.

5.    Cerrero (Uji remix): “Cuando Canto Grito”.   All from “Columbian Music Powerhouses Vol.2” (Palenque/Independent Record Labels Alliance 2019).

6.    Mavis Staples: “Sometime”. From “We Get By” (Anti- 2019).

7.    The Soul Stirrers: “I’m Trying to be your Friend”.

8.    The William Singers: “Don’t Give Up”.  Both from “The Time For Peace Is Now” (Luaka Bop 2019).

9.    Messiahs Of Glory: “No Other Love”.

10.  Rev. Mack McCollum w/ combined choirs from the Sunday Night Service, New Home Baptist Church: “I’m gonna stand still & do my master’s will”. Both from “No Other Love: Midwest Gospel (1965-1978)” (Tompkins Square 2019).

11.  Jamaican Jazz Orchestra: “Fonky Town” (Single on Zephyrus 2019).

12.  Irina Mossi & Donald Dub: “Mother” (Single on Donald Dub 2019).

13.  Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki: “Ellil Yitaouel - Endless Night”. From “Fin’amor” (Lamia Bedioui 2019).

14.  Lankum: “Katie Cruel”. From “The Livelong Day” (Rough Trade 2019).

15.  Lina & Raül Refree: “Destino”. From “Lina_Raül Refree” (forthcoming on Glitterbeat).

16.  Dimitris Mystakidis: “Vouno Me Vouno”. From “Edo Ki Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl 2019).

17.  The Good Ones with Nels Cline: “Where did you go wrong my love?”. From “Rwanda You Should Be Loved” (Anti- 2019).

18.  Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Jazz Massive: “Savannahs”. From “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records 2019).

19.  Rafiki Jazz: “My Heart, My Home (Shallow Brown/Light of Guidance/The Settler’s Wife/Shedemati)”.  From “Saraba Sufiyana” (Konimusic 2019).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.   El Khat: “Saadia Jefferson” (Batov).


2.  Asmaa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timbouktou: “Oulad Lghaba” (Ajabu!).


3.  DJ Dolores: “Recife 19” (Sterns).


4.  Various Artists: “No Other Love - Midwest Gospel 1965-78” (Tompkins Square).


5.  Various Artists: “Sound Portraits from Bulgaria - A Journey to a Vanished World 1966-1979” (Smithsonian Folkways).


6.  Lankum: “The Livelong Day” (Rough Trade).


7.  Dimitris Mystakidis: “Edo & Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl).


8.  Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki: “Fin’amor” (Lamia Bedioui).


9.  Aziza Brahim: “Sahari” (Glitterbeat).


10. Various Artists: “Just Around The Bend: Survival and Revival in Southern Banjo Sounds” (Smithsonian Folkways).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Mavis Staples: “Brothers and Sisters”. From “We Get By” (Anti-).

2.   Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: “Savannahs”. From “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records).

3.   Dimitris Mystakidis: “Apo Gynaikes Dakrya”. From “Edo & Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl).

4.   Irina Mossi & Donald Dub: “Mother” (Single - Cyrill Hess).

5.   Daymé Arocena: “Not For Me”. From “Sonocardiogram” (Brownswood).

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