Playlist 23.05.2023

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Playlist 23.05.2023

On this week’s programme:

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday May  23rd. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Onipa feat. David Walters: “No Commando”. From the forthcoming album “Off The Grid” (Real World).

2.    Fatoumata Diawara: “Seguen”. From “London Ko” (Wagram 2023).

3.    Faizal Mostrixx: “Passing through”.

4.    Faizal Mostrixx: “Onions and love”.  Both from “Mutations” (Glitterbeat 2023).

5.    Baaba Maal: “Agreement”. From “Being” (Marathon 2023).

6.    Bokanté: “Illiminé”. From “History” (Real World 2023).

7.    Yaraka: “A Sand Anne”. From “Curannera” (Zero Nove Nove 2023).

8.    Hiram Salsano: “Padrone”. From “Bucolica” (Hiram Salsano 2023).

9.    Sourdurent: “Franc de Bruch”. From “L’Herbe de Détourne” (Bongo Joe 2023).

10.  Lankum: “The New York Trader”. From “False Lankum” (Rough Trade 2023).

11.  Damir Imamovic: “Sinoć”. From “The World And All That It Holds” (Smithsonian Folkways 2023).

12.  Samuele Strufaldi: “Davorio”. From “Davorio” (Música Macondo 2023).

13.  Asher Gamedze: “Alibama”. From “Turbulence And Pulse” (International Anthem/Mushroom Hour Half Hour 2023).

14.  Jake Long: “Crescent (City Swamp Dub)”. From the compilation “Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre” (Blue Note 2023).

15.  Mestizo: “Reflections”. From “Mestizo” (Mais Um 2023).

16.  Blick Bassy: “Nop”. From “Madiba” (InFiné 2023).

17.  Mari Kalkun: “Toistmuudu”. Single from forthcoming album “Stories of Stonia” (Real World).

18.  Talking Spirits: “Sistem connected”. From “Hands” (Zephyrus 2023).

19.  Jasdeep Singh Degun: “In search of redemption”. From the EP “Live at Real World” (Real World 2023).

20.  Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola & Sølvstrøk: “Christmas Day/Da mornin’”. From “Sølvstrøk” (Heilo 2023).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

 1.  Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabaté: “The Sky Is The Same Colour Everywhere” (Real World).

2.  Lankum: “False Lankum” (Rough Trade).

3.  Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola & Sølvstrøk: “Sølvstrøk” (Heilo).


4.  Baaba Maal: “Being” (Marathon).


5.  Ali Farka Touré: “Voyageur” (World Circuit).


6.  Jantra: “Synthesized Sudan - Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground” (Ostinato).

7.  Hiram Salsano: “Bucolica” (Hiram Salsano).


8.  Brighde Chaimbeul: “Carry Them With Us” (tak:til/Glitterbeat).

9.  Damir Imamovic: “The World And All That It Holds” (Smithsonian Folkways).

10.  Blick Bassy: “Madiba” (InFiné).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1. Rumbaristas: “Palanca”. From “Malabares” (Via Lactea).

2. Jantra: “Gedima”. Single from forthcoming album (Ostinato).

3. Hiram Salsano: “Otreviva”. From “Bucolica” (Hiram Salsano).

4. Desire Marea: “Rah”. From “On The Romance Of Being” (Mute).

5. Blick Bassy: “Hola me”. From “Madiba” (No Format!).
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