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Playlist 22.02.2021

On this week's programme:

Celebrated Jamaican DJ toaster U-Roy has left us.

Spanish global emissary Amparo Sanchez is back with her band Amparanoia.

French outfit Zoufris Maracas are inviting the remixers in to last year’s album “Bleu de Lune”.

Komasi are a trio from France, Chile and Burkina Faso.

Electric Jalaba are a London-Moroccan collective featuring Simo Lagnawi.

Smadj spices his oud music with flutes and sax.

Farhot is an Afghani DJ and producer based in Berlin.

Izouran N-Sahara are desert musicians from a small town in Southern Morocco.

Bará are a multicultural trio from Mali, Iran and Belgium.

Altin Gün have their roots in Anatolian rock but with an added electro sheen.

The Transglobal Underground-led Euro “Gathering” project gets a new lease of life.

Lumpeks are a French-Polish quartet combining jazz and Polish tradition.

Sväng are Finland’s finest harmonica quartet!

The Warsaw Village Band are a long-established Polish band of contemporary traditionalists.

Rafiki Jazz are feted as the most multicultural band in Britain.

Sofia Labropoulou is a Greek folk artist and kanun player based in Vienna.

Pipa meets shakuhachi in the garden - Wu Man and Kojiro Umezaki.

Torsvik and Winter celebrate the soul of the west Norwegian fjörds.

Check the latest Transglobal World Music Chart here


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday February 22nd 2021. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.U-Roy: “Dread Locks Dread”. From “Dread In A Babylon” (Virgin 1975).

2.U-Roy: “Wear You To The Ball”. From “Version Galore” (Virgin 1978).

3.U-Roy: “Stop That Train”. From the compilation “Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae” (Moll-Selekta 2009).

4.Amparanoia: “Yo Te Doy”. From “Himnopsis Colectiva” (Mamita 2021).

5.Zoufris Maracas - remix by King Doudou: “Et si demain” (Chapter Two 2021).

6.Komasi: “Doni Doni”. From “Mezclatotäl” (Yapa 2021).

7.Electric Jalaba: “Fulan”. From “El Hal - The Feeling” (Strut 2021).

8.Smadj: “For U”. From “Dual” (pSChiit 2021).

9.Farhot feat. Tiggs: “Feel Ugly”. From “Kabul Fire Vol. 2” (Kabul Fire Records 2021).

10.Izouran N-Sahara: “M’hamid Elghizlane”. From “Tisnant” (Hit The Road Records 2021).

11.Bará: “Ayaan”. From “Bolo Saba” (Home Records 2020).

12. Altin Gün: “Yekte”. From “Yol” (Glitterbeat 2021).

13.Transglobal Underground & Our European Friends: “Hey you, Shepherd”. From “A Gathering of Strangers 2021” (Mule Satellite 2021).

14.Lumpeks: “Ober Ciagly”. From “Lumpeks” (Umlaut Records 2020).

15.Sväng: “Katrillia, Pilkkua ja Wappua”. From “In Trad we trust” (Galileo 2020).

16.Warsaw Village Band: “Uwodzenie / Waterduction”. From “Waterduction” (Karrot Kommando 2020).

17.Rafiki Jazz: “Tum Na Aaye”. Single from the forthcoming album “Nduggu / Dust” (Konimusic).

18.Sofia Labropoulou feat Christine Maxouri: “Gremistis”. From “Sisyphus” (Odradek 2020).

19.Wu Man & Kojiro Umezaki: “Autumn”. From “Flow” (In a Circle Records 2021).

20.Heidi Torsvik & Lazerus Winter: “Heart - Trees That Whisper”. From “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords” (NXN 2020).

Thanks for listening.

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Recommendations are below.

Check out my website:

Facebook: DJ Nigel Wood

Twitter: @djnigelw

Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Urban Village: “Udondolo” (No Format!).

2.Mariza: “Mariza Canta Amalia” (Warner Portugal).

3.Altin Gün: “Yol” (Glitterbeat).

4.Various Artists: “Zanzibara 10: First Modern - Taarab Vibes from Mombasa & Tanga 1970-1990” (Buda Musique).

5.Made Kuti: “For(e)ward” and Femi Kuti: “Stop The Hate”. Both from “Femi & Made Kuti - Legacy+” (Partisan).

6.Transglobal Underground & Our European Friends: “A Gathering of Strangers 2021” (Mule Satellite).

7.Anansy Cissé: “Anoura” (Riverboat/World Music Network).

8.Sam Amidon: “Sam Amidon” (Nonesuch).

9.Amparanoia: “Himnopsis Colectiva” (Mamita).

10. Warsaw Village Band: “Uwodzenie / Waterduction” (Karrot Kommando).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Antonis Antoniou: “Livanin”. From forthcoming album “Kkismettin” (Ajabu!).

2.Ghetto Priest: “Hercules”. From forthcoming album “Big People Music” (Ramrock).

3.Akaba Man & The Nigie Rokets: “Ta Gha Hunsimwen”. From the forthcoming compilation “Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1” (Analog Africa).

4.David Walters feat. Ballaké Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Roger Raspail: “Freedom”. From “Nocturne” (Six Degrees).

5.Ballaké Sissoko feat. Soan Jobarteh: “Djourou”. From forthcoming album “Djourou” (No Format!).
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