Playlist 20.07.2020

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Playlist 20.07.2020

On this week's programme:

Meridian Brothers, (or Eblis Alvarez), takes Bogota’s cumbia sound into new and unexplored territory.

La Sonora Mazuren fire up the cumbia into a punkish revolution.

La Sra. Tomasa are Latin fusion from Barcelona.

DJ Rata Piano is founding a new genre of “Guarapos” from his champeta African remixes.

Pedro Lima is the late band-leader from São Tomé e Principe.

Sharhabil Ahmed, veteran of Sudanese music, has a lively collection of career highlights.

French-Moroccan troupe, Bab L’Bluz’s album comes out physically now on Real World.

Rüstem Quliyev was an Azerbaijani guitarist who died in 2005.

Nihiloxica are Kampala percussion group. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, backed by the UK’s pq and Spooky-J.

Oumou Sangare has reworked her “Mogoya” album as an acoustic vocal tour-de-force.

9Bach issue a live digital-only album, celebrating the Welsh band’s 10-year career.

Croatia’s Dunja Knebl and Kololira perform folk songs from East and West Europe.

IMC’s online Hotter Than July festival sports some of the best of Ireland’s home-grown global artists.

Joseph Tawadros is Egyptian-born, Australian oud-player, who played 3 nights with orchestra in the Sydney Opera House.

Ghalia Benali is a Tunisian singer accompanied by early-music viol specialist Romina Lischka.

Paolo Angeli plays solo prepared Sardinian guitarist on a rendition of Lorca’s Bodas de Sangre.

Mahsa Vahdat is an Iranian singer who, with her sister Marjan, performs mainly outside her home country.

Cinder Well is American singer-songwriter Amelia Baker, now relocated to the West of Ireland.


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday July 20th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Meridian Brothers: “Los Golpeadores de la Cumbia”. Single from forthcoming album “Cumbia Siglo XXI” (Bongo Joe).

2.    La Sonora Mazuren: “Zambito Rumbero”. From “Maratonico Sandungón Vol.1” (Sello In-Correcto 2020).

3.    La Sra. Tomasa: “Que Venga”. From the EP “Houly Housy Sessions” (Guspira 2020).

4.    DJ Rata Piano: “El Maxitaquillero”. From “El Rey de los Guarapos” (Palenque Records 2020).

5.    Pedro Lima & Conjunto Os Leonenses: “Lionensi Sá Tindadji”. From “Maguidala” (Bongo Joe 1985/2020).

6.    Sharhabil Ahmed: “Argos Farfish”. From “The King of Sudanese Jazz” (Habibi Funk 2020).

7.    Bab L’Bluz: “Gnawa Beat”. From “Nayda!” (Real World 2020).

8.    Rüstem Quliyev: “Efgan Musiqisi”. From “Azerbaijani Gitara” (forthcoming on Bongo Joe).

9.    Nihiloxica: “Salongo”. From “Kaloli” (Crammed Discs 2020).

10.  Oumou Sangare: “Mogoya”. From “Acoustic” (No Format! 2020).

11.  9Bach: “Pa Bryd y Deui Eto (live)”. From “Ar y 9” (Real World 2020).

12.  Dunja Knebl & Kololira: “Hasanaga jesam li ti draga”. From “Tamo Gori” (Geenger Records 2020).

13.  Niwel Tsumbu & Eamonn Cagney: “Molopwe”. From IMC festival promo.

14.  National Concert Hall Gamelan Orchestra: “Embat”. From IMC festival promo.

15.  Navá: “Sketches of you”. From “Sojourns Vol.1” (Navá 2019).

***Niwel Tsumbu, Eamonn Cagney, the NCH Gamelan Orchestra, and Navá are all playing as part of the IMC’s festival online - “Hotter Than July”.

16.  Joseph Tawadros: “Permission to evaporate”. From “Live at the Sydney Opera House” (ABC Classics 2020).

17.  Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka: “Nouh Al Hamam - Rondeau moitié pincé et moitié coup d’archet”. From “Call To Prayer” (Fuga Libera 2020).

18.  Paolo Angeli: “Cuadro II - La Nana del Caballo Grande”. From “Bodas de Sangre” (AnMa Productions 2020).

19.  Mahsa Vahdat: “Bootarab”. From “Enlighten The Night” (Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2020).

20.  Tio: “Black Butterfly”. Single from forthcoming album “Sorousian” (Wantok).

21.  Cinder Well: “From behind the curtain”. From “No Summer” (Free Dirt 2020).

*Here is a listen-back link to listen back to the programme.

Recommendations are below.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Oumou Sangaré: “Acoustic” (No Format!).


2.  Bab L’Bluz: “Nayda!” (Real World).


3.  Transglobal Underground: “Walls Have Ears” (Mule Satellite).


4.  Various Artists: “Walter Ferguson - 100 Years of Calypso” (DyM-Online).


5.  Paolo Angeli: “Bodas de Sangre” (AnMa Productions).


6.  Etuk Ubong: “Africa Today” (Night Dreamer).


7.  Danyel Waro: “Tinn Tout” (Buda Musique).


8.  Dinastía Torres: “Los Duendes de la Marimba” (Palenque Records).


9.  Mulatu Astatke & The Black Jesus Experience: “To Know Without Knowing” (Agogo).

10. Various Artists: “Disques Debs International Vol. 2 - Cadence Revolution” (Strut).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Sharhabil Ahmed: “El Bambi”. From “The King of Sudanese Jazz” (Habibi Funk).

2.   Bamba Wassoulou Groove: “Dankélé”. From “Dankélé” (Lusafrica).

3.   Admas: “Wed Enate”. From “Sons of Ethiopia” (Frederiksberg Records).

4.   Perotá Chingó: “Rumba de Cahuita”. From the compilation “Walter Ferguson - 100 Years of Calypso” (DyM-Online).

5.   Syrian Artists & Marthe Valle: “My Heart is Blind”. From “Every Child is a Prophet” (Kirkelig Kulturverksted).

DJ Nigel Wood World Music Specialist
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