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Playlist 20.02.2024

On this week’s programme:

Producer Aron Ottignon joins Senegalese percussion wizard Bakane Seck, Omar Pene & co. for a live rendition of a piece from the current album.

Les Amazones d’Afrique with new members on board and Irishman Jacknife Lee producing, release their new album.

Ana Lua Caiano mixes rural Portuguese tradition with synths, beats and field recordings.

Avalanche Kaito are a Brussels-based trio of Kaito Winse from Burkina Faso and a local noise-punk duo.

Analog Africa have an archive funk collection from both sides of the Congo river, coming soon.

Okavango African Orchestra are a band of African ex-pats based in Toronto.

Sahra Halgan is an activist and musician from Somaliland.

Aziza Brahim, from the disputed territory of Western Sahara, grew up in a refugee camp in Algeria.

Marthe are a Grenoble-based quartet backing South African singer-songwriter Pilani Bubu.

La Sève are a French band much influenced by sounds from Cameroon and Congo.

Shakti are a band of virtuosos including John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain.

Almir Meskovic and Daniel Lazar, from Bosnia and Serbia, have Norwegian, Malian and Iranian guests on their album.

Haitian cellist and banjo player Leyla McCalla releases a single ahead of her new album.

Ayfer Düzdas highlights the endangered tradition of Arguvan folk songs from Kurdish villages.

Veteran clarinettist, Petropoulas Halkias from Epirus, duets with the laouto of Vasilis Kostas.

Fado singer, Lina, collaborates with Justin Adams in her songs based on the poetry of Camões.

Manu Delago is a hang player, percussionist and environmentalist from Austria, based in London.

Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen duets quietly with Dutch pianist Harmen Fraanje.

Brazilian guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento joins forces with Sam Gendel, US saxophonist.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday February 20th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at and thereafter on Mixcloud

1.    Aron & The Jeri Jeri Band: “Sunugal live - Pieds Tanques Social Club” (Single on Urban Trout 2024).

2.    Les Amazones d’Afrique feat. Fafa Ruffino: “Queen Kuruma”.

3.    Les Amazones d’Afrique feat. Alvie Bitemo: “Mother Murakoze”. Both from “Musow Danse” (Real World 2024).

4.    Ana Lua Caiano: “O bicho anda por aí” (Single on Glitterbeat 2024).

5.    Avalanche Kaito: “Lago”. From the forthcoming album “Talitakum” (Glitterbeat).

6.    Groupe Minzoto Ya Zaire: “Mfuur Ma”. From the forthcoming compilation “Congo Funk! - Sound Madness from the Shores of the Mighty Congo River - Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982” (Analog Africa).

7.    Okavanga African Orchestra: “Kele Magni”. From “Migration” (Okavanga African Orchestra 2023).

8.    Sahra Halgan: “Hiddo Dhawr”. From the forthcoming album “Hiddo Dhawr” (Danaya).

9.    Aziza Brahim: “Metal, madera”.

10.  Aziza Brahim: “Haiyn ya zuwar”. Both from “Mawja” (Glitterbeat 2024).

11.  Marthe x Pilani Bubu: “Awuyazi”. From “Nay’Indaba” (Marthe x Pilani Bubu 2024).

12.  La Sève: “Feuille”. From “Chlorophylle” (King Tao 2024).

13.  Shakti: “Sono Mama”. From “This Moment” (Abstract Logix 2023).

14.  Almir Meskovic & Daniel Lazar: “Eudoxa”. From “Family Beyond Blood” (Alda Records 2023).

15.  Leyla McCalla: “Scaled to survive”. Single from the forthcoming album “Sun Without The Heat” (Leyla McCalla).

16.  Ayfer Düzdas: “Garm a garm”. From “Kilomen Arxawune” (Ayfer Düzdas 2023).

17.  Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas: “Xenitemeno Mou Pouli”. From “The Soul Of Epirus Vol. 2” (Technotropon 2023).

18.  Lina: “Se de saudade morrerei ou não”   

19.  Lina: “Amor e um fogo que arde seu se ver”. Both from “Fado Camões” (Galileo 2024).

20.  Manu Delago: “Immersion”. From “Snow From Yesterday” (One Little Independent 2024).

21.  Arve Henriksen & Harmen Fraanje: “Redream”. From “Touch Of Time” (ECM 2024).

22.  Fabiano do Nascimento & Sam Gendel: “Até de Manha”. From “The Room” (Real World 2024).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Shakti: “This Moment” (Abstract Logix).

2.  Super Biton de Ségou: “Afro.Jazz.Folk Collection Vol. 2” (Mieruba/Deviation).

3.  Manu Delago: “Snow From Yesterday” (One Little Independent).


4.  ØXN: “Cyrm” (Claddagh).


5.  Muireann Bradley: “I Kept These Old Blues” (Tompkins Square).


6.  Mama Sissoko: “Mama Sissoko Live” (Mieruba).

7.  Les Amazones d’Afrique: “Musow Danse” (Real World).


8.  Rubim de Toledo: “The Drip” (Rubim de Toledo).

9.  Almir Meskovic & Daniel Lazar: “Family Beyond Blood” (Alda Records).

10.  Lina: “Fado Camões” (Galileo).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Mohammad Syfkhan: “Do you have a lover or not”. From “I Am Kurdish” (Nyahh Records).

2.   Les Amazones d’Afrique feat. Nneka & Mamani Keïta: “Bobo me”. From “Musow Danse” (Real World).   

3.   Victor Suriel y Trio Rio Verde: “La Mecha”. From the compilation “Merengue Tipico: Nueva Generacion” (Bongo Joe).

4.   Shakti: “Giriraj Sudha”. From “This Moment” (Abstract Logix).

5.   Lina: “In Labarinto”. From “Fado Camões” (Galileo).
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