Playlist 17.01.2022

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Playlist 17.01.2022

On this week's programme:

Majid Soula is an Amazigh artist from Algeria, now resident in Paris.

Bab L’ Bluz are a French/Moroccan group with a remix of a track from last year’s album.

El Khat are a Yemenite and multinational band based in Tel Aviv.

JuJu Sounds have released a collection of music associated with the Egyptian Zār possession ritual.

Greek outfit, Assafir, play the village music of Thrace through to the Black Sea.

Vigüela are a Spanish group celebrating the traditional styles of the Castilla-La Mancha region.

Divanhana is a band from Bosnia-Herzegovina with their sixth album to date.

Nilotika Cultural Ensemble revive the Nyabingi sound from their Kampala base.

Oki is an indigenous Ainu musician from Japan with a compilation of his earlier work.

R.I.P. Robbie Shakespeare, Jamaican bass-player extraordinaire, who was, with his partner-in-rhythm, Sly Dunbar, the mainstay behind a huge output of reggae music in the 1970s, and then, in the ‘80s, taking reggae in new directions with Black Uhuru and into the dancehall genre. He also became the bass-player in demand for a wide range of non-reggae artists from Grace Jones to Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan and many more.

Charlie Parr is an American troubadour, master of the resonator and 12-string guitars.

Norman Blake is a traditional guitarist and banjo-player, one-time sideman to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

And R.I.P. Mike Nesmith, who, after his career in the Monkees, embarked on a rich decade of country-rock, articulate and stylish, always embellished by the pedal steel of Red Rhodes.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday January 17th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Majid Soula: “Netseweth Sifassan Nagh”. From “Chant Amazigh” (Habibi Funk 2021).

2.Bab L’ Bluz: “Gnawa Beat (Bayaka Remix)” (Real World 2022).

3.El Khat: “Djaja”. Single release from forthcoming album “Aalbat Alawi Op.99” (Glitterbeat).

4.Hassan Rango Rhythm: “Yawra Bey”.

5.Madiha Abu Laila: “Betel il Habash”. Both from the compilation “Zār - Songs For The Spirits” (JuJu Sounds 2021).

6.Assafir: “Ada Son Kosmon Agapo”. From “Digressions” (Assafir 2021).

7.Vigüela: “Y te digo lo que siento”. From forthcoming album “A La Manera Artesana” (ARC Music).

8.Divanhana: “Zarasle su staze ove”. From “Zavrzlama” (forthcoming on CPL-Music).

9.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Oli Kibun’omu”. From “Nyabingi Resurrection” (Switchstance Recordings 2021).

10.Oki feat. Umeko Ando: “Kamuy Ho”.

11.Oki feat. Kila: “Oroho Raha (Mokoro Mokoro)”. Both from “Tonkori In The Moonlight” (forthcoming on Mais Um).

12.The Mighty Diamonds: “Right Time”. From “Right Time” (Virgin 1976).

13.Sly & Robbie: “Rasta Man Chant”.

14.Sly & Robbie: “Thompson Sound Incorporated”.

15.Sly & Robbie: “Conference”.All from “Riddim: The Best of Sly & Robbie In Dub 1978 to 1985” (Trojan/Sanctuary 2004).

16.Black Uhuru: “Sinsemilla”.

17.Black Uhuru: “World Is Africa”. Both from “Sinsemilla” (Mango/Island 1980).

18.Charlie Parr: “On Listening to Robert Johnson”. From “Last Of The Better Days Ahead” (Smithsonian Folkways 2021).

19.Norman Blake: “My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains”. From “Day By Day” (Smithsonian Folkways 2021).

20.Michael Nesmith & The First National Band: “Grand Ennui”. From “Nevada Fighter” (RCA Victor 1971).

21.Michael Nesmith & The First National Band: “Calico Girlfriend”.

22.Michael Nesmith & The First National Band: “The Crippled Lion”.

23.Michael Nesmith & The First National Band: “Beyond The Blue Horizon”. All from “Magnetic South” (RCA Victor 1970).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Juçara Marçal: “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um).

2.Assafir: “Digressions” (Assafir).

3.Susana Baca: “Palabras Urgentes” (Real World).

4.Arooj Aftab: “Vulture Prince” (New Amsterdam).

5.V.A: “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

6.Oki: “Tonkori In The Moonlight” (Mais Um).

7.Xanthoula Dakovanou: “Lamenta” (Quart de Lune).

8.V.A: “Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalandunyan & Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora” (Smithsonian Folkways).

9.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Nyabingi Resurrection” (Switchstance Recordings).

10. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Still Moving” (Ponderosa).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Atonga Zimba: “Clean Africa”. From “A to Z” (Jinn Records).

2.Mamak Khadem: “Entangled”. From “Remembrance” (Six Degrees).

3.Sinikka Langeland: “The Eye Of The Blue Whale”. From “Wolf Rune” (ECM Records).

4.Molo Sayat: “Adame”. From “Hadaeq” (Zephyrus).

5.Arooj Aftab: “Suroor”. From “Vulture Prince” (New Amsterdam Records).
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