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Playlist 16.04.2024

On this week’s programme:

Saying farewell to New York boogaloo pianist/bandleader Pete Rodriguez, and to the veteran Algerian-French pianist Maurice El Medioni R.I.P.

Orchestra Baobab, celebrating their 50 year history, are playing at the Bray Jazz festival.

Israeli/Iranian singer Liraz announces her new album with a single release.

Bab L’Bluz are a French-Moroccan band with Yousra Mansour on vocals

Dele Sosimi is the UK-based Afrobeat bandleader and one-time Fela Kuti sideman.

Los Guayabo Brothers, based in France, play music based in Colombian folk styles.

Savan creates an aural journey to the rainforest ceremonies of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Joachim Cooder brings his electric mbira back to Whelans on May 1st; a new album in the autumn.

Ann Savoy, of the Savoy Family Cajun Band, releases an album in her own right.

Kaia Kater is a Canadian singer and instrumentalist with origins in Grenada.

Landless are an Irish vocal quartet from Dublin and Belfast.

Sutari are a Polish female trio singing and playing home-made folk music.

Flautist and vocalist of Syrian heritage, Naissam Jalal, will play the Bray Jazz Festival.

Syriana, the project of the late Nick Page and Irishman Bernard O’Neill, delivers travel tales from the 14th century.

Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Irish fiddler Aoife Ni Bhriain are at the Bray Jazz Festival.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday April 16th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at and thereafter on Mixcloud

1.    Pete Rodriguez: “I like it like that”. From the compilation “I Like It Like That” (Fania/Mr Bongo 2008).

2.    Maurice El Medioni: “Ana Ouana”. From “Maurice El Medioni meets Roberto Rodriguez: Descarga Oriental - The New York Sessions” (Piranha 2006).

3.    Orchestra Baobab: “Colette” . From “Made In Dakar” (World Circuit 2007).

4.    Orchestra Baobab: “Caravana”. From “Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng” (World Circuit 2017).

***Orchestra Baobab play the Bray Jazz Festival on Saturday March 4th***

5.    Liraz: “Haarf”. Single from the forthcoming EP “Enerjy” (Batov Records).

6.    Bab L’Bluz: “Iwaiwa Funk”. Single from the forthcoming album “Swaken” (Real World).

7.    Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21: “The Rumblings”. From “The Confluence” (Wah Wah 45 2024).

8.    Los Guayabo Brothers: “Le Francer”. From “PsychoTropical” (Los Guayabo Brothers 2024).

9.    Savan feat Maitara: “Condor”.

10.  Savan feat David Gutierrez: “Colibrí”. Both from “Antes del Amanacer” (Real World X 2024).

11.  Joachim Cooder: “Morning Blues”. From “Over That Road I’m Bound” (Nonesuch 2020).

12.  Ann Savoy: “Triste Samedi/A hurricane song”. From “Another Heart” (Smithsonian Folkways 2024).

13.  Kaia Kater feat. Allison Russell: “In Montreal”. Single from the forthcoming album “Strange Medicine” (Free Dirt).

14.  Landless: “The fisherman’s wife”. Single from the forthcoming album “Lúireach” (Glitterbeat).

15.  Sutari: “Siemienica”.

16.  Sutari: “Grow pine”. From “#kołysankidlaświata” (Audio Cave 2024).

17.  Naissam Jalal: “Rituel de la lune”. From “Healing Rituals” (Les Couleurs du Son 2023).

***Naissam Jalal plays at the Town Hall in the Bray Jazz Festival on Saturday May 4th***

18.  Syriana: “Between Zafir & Zabid”. From “Syriana - 1325 Ibn Battutah” (Grand Duc Records 2023).

19.  Catrin Finch & Aoife Ni Bhriain: “Why”. From “Double You” (Bendigedig 2023).

***Catrin Finch & Aoife Ni Bhriain play at the Bray Jazz Festival on Sunday May 5th***

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Various Artists: “Congo Funk! Sound Madness from the shores of the mighty Congo River - Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982” (Analog Africa).

2.  Za! & Perrate: “Jolifanto” (Love Monk).

3.  Sam Lee: “Songdreaming” (Cooking Vinyl).


4.  Syriana: “1325 Ibn Battutah” (Grand Duc Records).


5.  Jembaa Groove: “Ye Ankasa/We Ourselves” (Agogo Records).


6.  Mohammad Syfkhan: “I Am Kurdish” (Nyahh).

7.  Les Amazones d’Afrique: “Musow Danse” (Real World).


8.  Ann O’Aro: “Bleu” (Buda Musique).

9.  Dele Sosimi & The Estuary 21: “The Confluence” (Wah Wah 45).

10.  Lina: “Fado Camões” (Galileo).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Leyla McCalla: “Take me away”. From “Sun Without The Heat” (Leyla McCalla).

2.   Tarwa N-Tiniri feat. Elin Kåven & Simon Walls: “Adu”. From “Akal” (Atty Records).

3.   Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O: “South African Jam” Single from forthcoming album “True Story” (Mushroom Hour x New Soil).

4.   Else Hewitt: “The Realms”. From “Chaos Emeralds” (Tompkins Square).

5.   Burr Island: “Later” (Single on Left Foot Records).
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