Playlist 15.11.2021

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Playlist 15.11.2021

On this week's programme:

Etran de L’Air are a guitar band from Agadez, Niger, with their first international studio release.

The Global Afrobeat Movement compile their second afrobeat collection from several continents.

Badd Lime are a French production duo featuring a prominent female rapper from Mali.

Juçara Marçal isthe powerful singer and front-woman of Brazilian trail-blazers Metá Metá.

Ifé is led by Otura Mun, Afro-Caribbean percussionist and high priest based in New Orleans.

Kulintang Kultura is a collection of Philippine gong music from the diaspora, both traditional and contemporary.

Dub producer Gaudi curates a new collection of contemporary dub styles.

Analog Africa’s “Essiebons Special” celebrates the music of Ghanaian producer, the late Dick Essilfie-Bondzie.

Wilson Boateng made Ghanaian burger highlife in the late ’80s but vanished into obscurity.

Bixiga 70 are the São Paulo afro-funkateers re-releasing their debut from 10 years ago.

Omar Pene is veteran Senegalese band-leader and singer.

Tamala are a Brussels-based acoustic trio, two parts Senegalese, one part Belgian.

Cuban pianist Omar Sosa conducts further dialogue with Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita.

Gaisha is a new offshoot of the Belgian band Va Fan Fahre from Ghent.

Ensemble Marâghi play Bobowski’s music from the 17th century Ottoman Court.

Xanthoula Dakovanou directs and sings in a presentation of Miroloi music from Epirus.

The Australian Art Orchestra provide a contemporary setting for indigenous voices.

Bob Holroyd, UK electronic composer, is a recent signing to the Real World X label.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday November 15th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Etran de L’Air: “Adouina”. From the forthcoming album “Agadez” (Sahel Sounds).

2.Emil Abossolo Mbo: “I Come From People”.

3.Luka Afrobeat Orquesta: “Wetiko”.

4.Àbáse feat. Jadson Xabla, Gabriel Santana, Dr Drumah & Fanni Zahár: “Agangatolu”.All from “Global Afrobeat Movement Vol. 2” (Global Afrobeat Movement 2021).

5.Badd Lime feat. Ami Yèrèwolo: “Niafiye” (Single on Real World X 2021).

6.Juçara Marçal: “Ladra”.

7.Juçara Marçal: “La Femme A Barbe”.Both from “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um 2021).

8.Ifé: “The Tearer (Bembe)”. From “0000+0000” (Mais Um 2021).

9.Florante Aguilar: “Tarabiangan Pt.1”. From “Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalandunyan & Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora” (Smithsonian Folkways 2021).

10.Simm feat. Phellmuncasi: “Cracks”. From “Gaudi - Sub Signals Vol. 2” (Dubmission 2021).

11.C.K. Mann & his Carousel 7: “Yeaba”. From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa 2021).

12.Wilson Boateng: “Asew Watchman” (Vinyl single on Kalita 2021).

13.Bixiga 70: “Luz Vermelha”. From the forthcoming re-release “Bixiga 70” (Glitterbeat vinyl).

14.Omar Pene: “Won Naa La Ko”. From “Climat” (Contre Jour 2021).

15.Tamala: “Lumba”. From “Lumba” (Muziekpublique 2021).

16.Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita: “Maam”. From “Suba” (Bendigedig 2021).

17.Gaisha: “Ghalat” (Single on Zephyrus).

18.Ensemble Marâghi: “Semâ’i Nikriz”. From “Sounds from the Saray: The Young Bobowski at the Ottoman Court in 17th Century” (Felmay2021).

19.Xanthoula Dakovanou: “Vgika psila”. From “Lamenta” (Quart de Lune 2021).

20.Australian Art Orchestra: “Star Song”. From “Hand To Earth” (AAO Recordings 2021).

21.Bob Holroyd: “Ship Sailed” (Single on Real World X 2021).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Juçara Marçal: “Delta Estacio Blues” (Mais Um).

2.Monsieur Doumani: “Pissourin” (Glitterbeat).

3.Susana Baca: “Palabras Urgentes” (Real World).

4.Tamala: “Lumba” (Muziekpublique).

5.Petrona Martinez: “Ancestras” (Chaco World Music).

6.Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita: “Suba” (Bendigedig).

7.Xanthoula Dakovanou: “Lamenta” (Quart de Lune).

8.V.A: “Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalandunyan & Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora” (Smithsonian Folkways).

9.Meridian Brothers y Conjunto Media Luna: “Paz En La Tierra” (Bongo Joe).

10. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante: “Still Moving” (Ponderosa).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Santrofi-Ansa: “Shakabula”.From “Essiebons Special 1973-1984 - Ghana Music Power House” (Analog Africa).

2.Ifé: “Fireflies”. From “0000+0000” (Mais Um).

3.Dafné Krithara: “Preza Otan Pieis”. From “Varka” (Lior Éditions).

4.Puuluup: “Viimane Suusataja”. From “Viimane Suusataja” (Õunaviks).

5.Australian Art Orchestra: “Star Song”. From “Hand To Earth” (AAO Recordings).
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