Playlist 15.02.2021

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Playlist 15.02.2021

On this week's programme:

Femi Kuti and his son Made continue to fire up the family afrobeat tradition on their twin release.

Bará are a multicultural trio from Mali, Iran and Belgium.

Urban Village are a Soweto quartet of distinguished style and heritage.

Makgona Tsohle Reggi, in various incarnations, were the house band of South Africa’s Gallo label.

Lengaia Salsa Brava are a Montreal Latin band led by a Guyanese trombonist.

Peripatetic Cuban pianist Omar Sosa was on his musical travels through East Africa.

French outfit Zoufris Maracas have released a collaborative track with Reyna Tropical.

Spanish global emissary Amparo Sanchez is back with her band Amparanoia.

Double Tiger is Jay Spaker from New York, relocated to the West Coast.

Monkey Marc is an Australian reggae producer with a heavyweight Jamaican guest list.

Lalalar are a Turkish band from the Istanbul psychedelic scene.

Vetka are a Russian band combining traditional folk with rock and electronics.

The Transglobal Underground-led “Gathering” project gets a new lease of life.

Felix Lajko is a Hungarian violinist with a new five-piece band.

Lumpeks are a French-Polish quartet combining jazz and Polish tradition.

Smithsonian Folkways have a new bluegrass compilation on the way.

Martin Simpson is a pillar of the English folk scene.

Mason Lindahl is a fingerstyle guitarist from Sacramento, California.

The Warsaw Village Band are a long-established Polish band of contemporary traditionalists.

Sofia Labropoulou is a Greek folk artist and kanun player based in Vienna.

Check the latest Transglobal World Music Chart here


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday February 15th 2021. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Made Kuti: “Higher You’ll Find”. From “For(e)ward”.

2.Femi Kuti: “Pà Pá Pà”.

3.Femi Kuti: “You can’t fight corruption with corruption”. Both from “Stop The Hate”.

Both albums from “Femi & Made Kuti - Legacy+” (Partisan 2021).

4.Bará: “Bolo Saba”. From “Bolo Saba” (Home Records 2020).

5.Urban Village: “Sakhisizwe”. From “Udondolo” (No Format! 2021).

6.Big Bag Boys: “Paul Reggi”. From “Makgona Tsohle Reggi” (Umsakazo 2020).

7.Lengaia Salsa Brava: “Don Nadie”. From “The Gold Diggers” (Lengaia Salsa Brava 2020).

8.Omar Sosa feat. Steven Sogo: “Kwa Nyogokuru Revisited”. From “An East African Journey” (Otá Records 2021).

9.Zoufris Maracas feat. Reyna Tropical: “Et Ta Mère” (Single on Chapter Two 2021).

10. Amparanoia: “Mi Genetica”. From “Himnopsis Colectiva” (Mamita 2021).

11.Double Tiger feat. Ranking Joe: “Lovers Rock”. From “The Journey” (Easy Star 2020).

12.Monkey Marc feat. Sizzla, Capleton, Fantan Mojah & Mista Savona: “No Surrender”. From “Vital Sound” (Digikillaz/DubShot 2020).

13.Lalalar: “Hic Mutlu Olmam Daha Iyi / I’m Better Off Not Happy” (Single on Bongo Joe 2021).

14.Vetka: “Dojd”. From “Gorsti” (Vetka 2020).

15.Transglobal Underground & Our European Friends: “Human Atomic Clock”. Bonus track from “A Gathering of Strangers 2021” (Mule Satellite 2021).

16.Felix Lajko Band: “Edzés”. From “Start” (Fonó 2020).

17.Lumpeks: “Le Tunnel”. From “Lumpeks” (Umlaut Records 2020).

18.Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers: “Readin’, Rightin’, Route 23”. From the forthcoming compilation “Industrial Strength Bluegrass - Southwestern Ohio’s Musical Legacy” (Smithsonian Folkways).

19.Martin Simpson: “Three Day Millionaire / Don’t put your banjo in the shed Mr Waterson”. From “Home Recordings” (Topic 2020).

20.Mason Lindahl: “Sky Breaking, Clouds Falling”. From “Kissing Rosy In The Rain” (Tompkins Square 2020).

21.Warsaw Village Band: “The Rivulet”. From “Waterduction” (Karrot Kommando 2020).

22.Sofia Labropoulou feat Marta Sebestyen: “Lament for the end and the beginning”. From “Sisyphus” (Odradek 2020).

Thanks for listening.
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Recommendations are below.

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Twitter: @djnigelw

Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Urban Village: “Udondolo” (No Format!).

2.Stella Chiweshe: “Ambuya!” (Piranha).

3.Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: “Take One (1974-79)” (Analog Africa).

4.Various Artists: “Zanzibara 10: First Modern - Taarab Vibes from Mombasa & Tanga 1970-1990” (Buda Musique).

5.Made Kuti: “For(e)ward” and Femi Kuti: “Stop The Hate”. Both from “Femi & Made Kuti - Legacy+” (Partisan).

6.Various Artists: “The Best of Transglobal World Music Chart 2020” (ARC).

7.Anansy Cissé: “Anoura” (Riverboat/World Music Network).

8.Sam Amidon: “Sam Amidon” (Nonesuch).

9.Amparanoia: “Himnopsis Colectiva” (Mamita).

10. Las Lloronas: “Soaked” (Muziekpublique).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1. Electric Jalaba: “Agia Hausa”. From “El Hal / The Feeling” (Strut).

2.Komasi: “Doni Doni”. From “Mezclatotäl” (Yapa).

3.Akaba Man & The Nigie Rokets: “Ta Gha Hunsimwen”. From the forthcoming compilation “Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1” (Analog Africa).

4.Martin Simpson: “The Times They Are A-Changing”. From “Home Recordings” (Topic).

5.Wu Man & Kojiro Umezaki: “Autumn”. From “Flow” (In A Circle).

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