Playlist 15.01.2018

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Playlist 15.01.2018

"Ear to the Globe" playlist information - broadcast on 15/01/2018

On this week's programme:

La TchouTchouKa are French Breton with a Colombian singer and a Cumbia repertoire.
Criolo is a Sao Paulo rapper returning to his samba roots.
Also from Sao Paulo Mariana Degani's first solo album demonstrates a sparkling range of styles.
Mames Babegenush are a Danish klezmer outfit on their fifth album...with strings.

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino are peerless practioners of Southern Italian pizzica and taranta, unafraid to modernise.
Eleonora Bordonaro sings the songs and stories of her native Sicily.
Reggetiko is a Mediterranean collective drawing on rembetiko and acoustic reggae.
Kyab Yul-Sa is a trio of Tibetan voice and lute, and two French musicians.
Gabacho Maroc connect Africa and Morocco to France and Western Europe.

Charles Duvelle's photographs and recordings are a valuable record of rural life in West, South and Central Africa, India and South-East Asia.
Namvula has Zambian and Scottish heritage and a songwriting style which reflects that range.
Gerald Toto, Richard Bona and Lokua Kanza, from the Caribbean, Cameroon and DRC respectively, come together for a sweet reunion, 13 years after the last album.
Kaia Kater, from Toronto, plays Americana-style roots and has some Irish dates at the end of January including TradFest on the 26th.
Chris Thile, prime mover of the Punch Brothers, has a new album of formidable articulacy.

Maya Youssef, from Syria, is a virtuoso on the qanun.
Inga Liljestrom is Australian-born with Finnish ancestry.
Brigid Mae Power has a second album on US label Tompkins Square, recorded in Ireland.
Panduranga Henderson is an alumnus of Alice Coltrane and her spiritual music.

Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday January 8th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1. La TchouTchouKa: "Lluvia".
2. La TchouTchouKa: "El Pescador". Both from "El Chuchutero" (Helloasso 2017).

3. Criolo: "Cria De Favela".
4. Criolo: "La Vem Voce". Both from "Espiral De Ilusao" (Sterns 2017).

5. Mariana Degani: "Passaro Cetim".
6. Mariana Degani: "Nada Nada". Both from "Furtacor" (Tratore 2016).

7. Babegenush: "My Turkish Princess". From "Babegenush with Strings" (Galileo 2017).
8. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino: "Quannu Te Visciu". From "Canzoniere" (Ponderosa 2017).

9. Eleonora Bordonaro: "Tri Tri Tri". From "Cuttuni E Lamé" (Finisterre 2017).

10. Reggetiko Project feat. Yannis Kofopoulos: "La Vuelta". From "Knot" (iRec Home Music Production 2016).

11. Kyab Yul-Sa: "Choed Lu". From "Resonance d'Exil" (Nangma 2017).

12. Gabacho Maroc feat. Pascuala Ilabaca: "Desertum". From "Tawassol" (Les Arts Allies 2017).

13. Akanssa Sikirou and orchestra from Benin: "Sakara". From "The Photographs of Charles Duvelle" (Sublime Frequencies 2017).

14. Namvula: "Nalile (Little Sorrow)". From "Quiet Revolutions" (Namvula 2017).

15. Toto Bona Lokua: "Ma Mama". From "Bondeko" (No Format! 2017).

16. Kaia Kater: "Harlem's Little Blackbird".
17. Kaia Kater: "Past".
18. Kaia Kater: "Nine Pin". All from "Nine Pin" (Proper 2016).

***Kaia Kater plays in St Werburgh's Church on Jan 26th as part of TradFest***

19. Chris Thile feat. Aoife O'Donovan: "Douglas Fir". From "Thanks for Listening" (Nonesuch 2018).

20. Maya Youssef: "Queen of the Night". From "Syrian Dreams" (Harmonia Mundi 2017).

21. Inga Liljestrom: "Coo-Coo". From "We Have Tigers" (Accords Croisés 2017).

22. Brigid Mae Power: "Down On The Ground". From "The Two Worlds" (Tompkins Square 2018).

23. Panduranga Henderson: "Rama Rama Sri Bhagwan". From "Ocean Of Love" (Luaka Bop 2017).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


Top 10 Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino: "Canzoniere" (Ponderosa).

2. Boubacar Traoré: "Dounia Tabolo" (Lusafrica).

3. TootArd: "Laissez Passer" (Glitterbeat).

4. Msafiri Zawose: "Uhamiaji" (Soundway).

5. La TchouTchouKa: "El Chuchutero" (Helloasso).

6. Lankum: "Between the Earth and Sky" (Rough Trade).

7. Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma: "Lunar" (Labyrinth).

8. Various Artists: "The Photographs of Charles Duvelle" (Sublime Frequencies).

9. Kaia Kater: "Nine Pin" (Proper).

10. Mariana Degani: "Furtacor" (Tratore).
Sound Tracks of the week:

1. La TchouTchouKa: "Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo". From "El Chuchutero" (Helloasso).

2. Kaia Kater: "Little Pink". From "Nine Pin" (Proper).

3. Chandrokant Prasad: "Raga Bhinna Shadja". From "The Photographs of Charles Duvelle" (Sublime Frequencies).

4. Brigid Mae Power: "I'm Grateful". From "The Two Worlds" (Tompkins Square).

5. Hogh: "Tokhr". From "Artevor" (Hogh Khonav).

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