Playlist 13.09.2022

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Playlist 13.09.2022

On this week’s programme:

Al-Qasar, founded in the Barbès district of Paris, play “Arabian Fuzz”.

DuOud are the twin ouds and electronics of Mehdi Haddab and Smadj.

Shiran is from the Yemeni community of Tel Aviv.

Roberto Lopez is a Colombian guitarist resident in Montreal.

Eljuri is a female Latin guitarist from Ecuador and resident of New York.

Adedeji is a singer-guitarist from Lagos playing jazz-funk with afrobeat influences.

Lass is an up-and-coming singer from Senegal.

Ernesto Djedje brought funky modernity to the ‘70s music of his native Côte D’Ivoire.

Antonis Antoniou is from the esteemed Cypriot band Monsieur Doumani.

Fungistanbul, from Istanbul, create musical instruments from discarded trash.

Tortuga Alada are a Colombian and Argentinian female duo on sax and cello.

Aliaksandr Yasinski is a master of the accordion from Belarus, now resident in Prague.

Joyce Moreno is the celebrated Brazilian songstress, whose “Natureza” album was never released.

Senegalese kora player and singer Ablaye Cissoko joins forces with French accordionist Cyrille Brotto.

Eriksson, Myhr and Malmström play Swedish and Norwegian folk.

Bastarda and Sutari are the combination of two Polish groups.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday September 132th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1. Al-Qasar: “Sham System”.

2.Al-Qasar feat. Jello Biafra: “Ya Malak”.Both from “Who Are We” (Glitterbeat 2022).

3.DuOud: “Dark Wave”. From “Menshen” (Accords Croisés/Pias 2022).

4.Shiran: “Almare”. From “Fadaytak” (Batov Records 2022).

5.Roberto Lopez: “Delia y la luna”. From “Ritual” (Curura Musique 2022).

6.Eljuri: “La Voz”. From “Relexión” (Manovil Records 2022).

7.Adedeji: “Ojeje”. From “Yoruba Odyssey” (One World Records 2022).

8.Lass: “Gnafelen”. From “Bumayé” (Chapter Two/Wagram 2022).

9.Ernesto Djedje: “Nini”. From “Roi du Ziglibithy” (forthcoming on Analog Africa).

10.Antonis Antoniou: “Potte”.

11.Antonis Antoniou: “Yiorti”. Both from “Throisma” (Ajabu! 2022).

12.Fungistanbul Music Band: “Trash Oriental 3”. From “Trash Oriental” (One rpm 2022).

13.Tortuga Alada: “IO”.

14.Tortuga Alada: “Fantasia Oriental al Norte”. Both from “Cuadernos de Viaje no. 2” (Dur et Doux 2022).

15.Aliaksandr Yasinski: “100 vs. 1”. From “Hlybini” (Riverboat/World Music Network 2022).

16.Joyce: “Feminina”. From “Natureza” (Far Out 2022).

17.Ablaye Cissoko & Cyrille Brotto: “Pa Kaw”. From “Instant” (Ma Case 2022).

18.Eriksson, Myhr, Malmström: “För sola skin’ på tak”. From “För Sola Skin’ På Tak” (Heilo 2022).

19.Sutari & Bastarda: “Nim swit nastanie”. >From “Tamoj” (Audio Cave 2022).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Vieux Farka Touré: “Les Racines” (World Circuit).

2.Angelique Kidjo & Ibrahim Maalouf: “Queen Of Sheba” (Mi’ster Productions).

3.Yanna Momina: “Afar Ways” (Glitterbeat Hidden Musics).

4.Leyla McCalla: “Breaking The Thermometer” (Anti-).

5.Lass: “Bumayé” (Wagram/Chapter Two).

6.BKO: “Djine Bora” (Bongo Joe).

7.Minyeshu: “Netsa” (ARC Music).

8.Maya Youssef: “Finding Home” (Seven Gates).

9.Pedro Lima: “Recordar É Viver: Antologia Vol. 1” (Bongo Joe).

10.Various Artists: “Luke Schneider presents Imaginational Anthem Vol. XI - Chrome Universal: A Survey of Modern Pedal Steel” (Tompkins Square).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Minyeshu: “Fidel”. From “Netsa” (ARC).

2.Shotnez: “Contagious” (Single on Batov Records).

3.Tiken Jah Fakoly: “Religion” (Single on Chapter Two).

4.Catherine Graindorge & Iggy Pop: “The Dictator”. From the EP “The Dictator” (Glitterbeat).

5.Simon Shaheen: “Al Hinna”. From “The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab” (Zehra).

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