Playlist 13.07.2020

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Playlist 13.07.2020

On this week's programme:

Tony Heynen of Groovalizacion curates the “Global Riddims” series.

“Vimbuza” is a ritual healing dance from Malawi, led here by the local doctor.

Ogun Afrobeat are Madrid’s finest, with one-time Fela sideman on board.

South African saxophonist, Dudu Pukwana, recorded his debut in London in 1968, now re-released.

Disques Debs were the most prolific record label in the Francophone Caribbean, based in Guadeloupe.

Oumou Sangare has reworked her “Mogoya” album as an acoustic vocal tour-de-force.

Ethio-jazz originator, Mulatu Astatke, teamed up with Melbourne band, Black Jesus Experience.

Céu, native of Sao Paulo, releases her fifth album.

Lot Acosta is a reggae musician from Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Calypso veteran Walter Ferguson is now 101, and musicians from Costa Rica and the region pay tribute.

Portuguese singer, Carla Pires, combines fado with other national styles.

David Broza is an Israeli guitarist celebrating the Spanish part of his heritage.

Cinder Well is American singer-songwriter Amelia Baker, now relocated to the West of Ireland.

Finnish musicians Maria Kalaniemi, accordion, and Eero Grundström, harmonium, dedicate their album to the natural world.

Mahsa Vahdat is an Iranian singer who, with her sister Marjan, performs mainly outside her home country.

3’Ain are a trio, based in Belgium, and including accordionist Piet Maris of Jaune Toujours.

Sarod player, Alam Khan, is the son of Indian classical legend Ali Akbar Khan.

NB: The Improvised Music Company’s Hotter Than July online festival kicks off this Friday. Check out the programme - Hotter Than July.

I will feature some of the music to be heard there on next Monday’s show.


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday July 13th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Afriquoi: “Ndeko Solo”. From the compilation “Global Riddims 2” (NYP 2020).

2.    Doctor Kanuska: “Noah Julako Kumunyango Tingire (Noah, Open The Door)”. From “Mutende Mizimu: Vimbuza from Mzimba North” (1000HZ Sacral Grooves 2020).

3.    Ogun Afrobeat feat. Dele Sosimi: “Benefit For All”. Single from forthcoming album “Unite” (Ogun Afrobeat).

4.    Duda Pukwana & The Spears: “Kuthwasi Hlobo (Spring)”. From “Dudu Pukwana & The Spears” (Matsuli 1968/9/2020).

5.    Midnight Groovers: “Stranger”. From “Disques Debs International Vol. 2 - Cadence Revolution” (Strut 2020).

6.    Oumou Sangare: “Minata Waraba”.

7.    Oumou Sangare: “Yere Faga”. Both from “Acoustic” (No Format! 2020).

8.    Mulatu Astatke & The Black Jesus Experience: “Living On Stolen Land”. From “To Know Without Knowing” (Agogo 2020).

9.    Céu: “Nada Irreal”. From “Apka!” (Six Degrees 2020).

10.  Lot Acosta: “Mundo Loco”. From “Mundo Loco” (Achinach Productions 2020).

11.  Kawe Calypso: “Caroline”.

12.  Deborah Dixon: “Black Man Food”. Both from the compilation “Walter Ferguson - 100 Years of Calypso” (DyM-Online 2020).

13.  Carla Pires: “Vida Nova”. From “Cartografado” (Ocarina Music 2020).

14.  David Broza: “Guitar Confessions”. From “En Casa Limón” (forthcoming on S-Curve Records).

15.  Cinder Well: “The Cuckoo”. From “No Summer” (Free Dirt 2020).

16.  Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström: “Pilvet (Clouds)”. From “Mielo” (Åkerö 2020).

17.  Mahsa Vahdat: “Where is the home of the wind”. From “Enlighten The Night” (Kirkelig Kulturverksted 2020).

18.  3’Ain: “Njord Puffin”. From “3’Ain” (Choux de Bruxelles 2020).

19.  Alam Khan: “Mujan Ki Malhar”. From “Solace” (Worlds within Worlds 2020).

Thanks for listening.

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Recommendations are below.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Oumou Sangaré: “Acoustic” (No Format!).


2.  Shiran: “Glsah Sanaanea with Shiran” (Batov).


3.  Transglobal Underground: “Walls Have Ears” (Mule Satellite).


4.  Various Artists: “Walter Ferguson - 100 Years of Calypso” (DyM-Online).


5.  Melingo: “Oasis” (Buda Musique).


6.  Etuk Ubong: “Africa Today” (Night Dreamer).


7.  Danyel Waro: “Tinn Tout” (Buda Musique).


8.  Dinastía Torres: “Los Duendes de la Marimba” (Palenque Records).


9.  Mulatu Astatke & The Black Jesus Experience: “To Know Without Knowing” (Agogo).

10. Various Artists: “Disques Debs International Vol. 2 - Cadence Revolution” (Strut).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Sharhabil Ahmed: “Argos Farfish”. From “The King of Sudanese Jazz” (Habibi Funk).

2.   Leandro Maia: “Long Tongue Man”. From the compilation “Walter Ferguson - 100 Years of Calypso” (DyM-Online).

3.   Oumou Sangare: “Yere Faga”. From “Acoustic” (No Format!).

4.   9Bach: “Pa Bryd y Deui Eto (live)”. From “Ar y 9” (Real World).

5.   Admas: “Wed Enate”. From “Sons of Ethiopia” (Frederiksberg Records).

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