Playlist 13.01.2020

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Playlist 13.01.2020

On this week's programme:

Onipa are London-Ghanaian futurists with a debut album on the way.

“Soul Sega Sa” celebrates the 1970s music of Mauritius and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Kiki Valera plays classic Cuban son on his debut album.

Banda Matatu are Italy meets Kenya in Rotterdam.

The “Mogadisco” collection is the latest missive form the Somalian vaults.

Richard Dawson is Newcastle’s bard of a blighted nation.

Moonlight Benjamin sings Haitian voodoo rock, and Chouk Bwa are a percussion & voice ensemble from the same country.

Balimaya bring a jazz outlook to West African rhythms.

Babani Kone is a big star in her native Mali with a long-awaited album coming soon.

Polifonic System bring tech beats to Occitan poliphony.

Blato Zlato put Bulgarian heritage into their local Louisiana sound.

Martin Hayes collaborated with the strings of Brooklyn Rider.

Lina sings fado over Raül Refree’s electronic and keyboard settings.

Seu Jorge and Roge are the latest artists to venture into the Night Dreamer Direct-To-Disc studio.

The Good Ones celebrate tribal unity in Rwanda with some high-profile guests on board.

Kaja, Navarra and Ellinor & Leonor are all Swedish artists on the Kakafon label.

New York’s multicultural  Go:Organic Orchestra are led by Adam Rudolph in collaboration with the Brooklyn Raga Massive.


Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday January 13th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Onipa feat. Wiyaala: “Makoma” (Single on Strut 2019).

2.    Claudio & son Ensemble: “To Crier La Misère”.

3.    George Armel & Éric Nelson et les Features of Life: “Touloulou”.  Both from “Soul, Sega, Sa Vol.2” (Bongo Joe 2019).

4.    Kiki Valera: “El Perro de Juan”. From “Vivencias en Clave Cubana” (Origin 2019).

5.    Banda Matatu: “Illegal Jam”. From the EP “Safari” (Banda Matatu 2019).

6.    Omar Shooli: “Hab Isii”. From the compilation “Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu 1972-1990” (Analog Africa 2019).

7.    Richard Dawson: “Civil Servant”. From “2020” (Weird World 2019).

8.    Moonlight Benjamin: “Nap Chape” (Single on Ma Case 2020).

9.    Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers: “Nago” (From forthcoming album on Bongo Joe).

10.  Balimaya: “Artifact”. From “Balimaya” (Buda 2019).

11.  Babani Kone: “Djeliya”. From “Babani Kone” (forthcoming on World Village).

12.  Polifonic System: “Leu soi anat”. From “Totem Sismic” (Buda 2019).

13.  Blato Zlato: “Pusta Mladost”. From “In The Wake” (Blato Zlato 2019).

14.  Martin Hayes & Brooklyn Rider: “Jenny’s welcome home to Charlie”. From “The Butterfly” (In A Circle 2019).

15.  Lina & Raül Refree: “Sta Luzia”. From “Lina_Raül Refree” (Glitterbeat 2020).

16.  Seu Jorge & Roge: “Pra Voce Amigo” (Single from forthcoming direct-to-disc album on Night Dreamer).

17.  The Good Ones feat. Tunde Adebimpe: “Despite it all I still love you dear friend”. From “Rwanda You Should Be Loved” (Anti- 2019).

18.  Kaja: “Irrfärden”. From “Origo” (Kakafon 2019).

19.  Navarra: “Snön faller”. From “I Ljusningen” (Kakafon 2019).

20.  Ellinor & Leonor: “Vallåt”.

21.  Ellinor & Leonor: “D-moll polska efter Jon Åman”. Both from “Arsringar” (Kakafon 2019).

22.  Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Jazz Massive: “Sunset Lake”. From “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records 2019).

Thanks for listening.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.   El Khat: “Saadia Jefferson” (Batov).


2.  Asmaa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timbouktou: “Oulad Lghaba” (Ajabu!).


3.  DJ Dolores: “Recife 19” (Sterns).


4.  Various Artists: “No Other Love - Midwest Gospel 1965-78” (Tompkins Square).


5.  Various Artists: “Sound Portraits from Bulgaria - A Journey to a Vanished World 1966-1979” (Smithsonian Folkways).


6.  Lankum: “The Livelong Day” (Rough Trade).


7.  Dimitris Mystakidis: “Edo & Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl).


8.  Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki: “Fin’amor” (Lamia Bedioui).


9.  Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records).   

10. Various Artists: “Just Around The Bend: Survival and Revival in Southern Banjo Sounds” (Smithsonian Folkways).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Richard Dawson: “Civil Servant”. From “2020” (Weird World).

2.   Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: “Sunset Lake”. From “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records).

3.   Dimitris Mystakidis: “Apo Gynaikes Dakrya”. From “Edo & Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl).

4.   Martin Hayes & Brooklyn Rider: “O’Neill’s March”. From “The Butterfly” (In A Circle).

5.   Nikanor: “Yaku”. From “Bajo El Sol” (Rebel Up).

DJ Nigel Wood World Music Specialist
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