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Playlist 12.03.2024

On this week’s programme:

Ana Lua Caiano, of the Lisbon underground, mixes rural trad with synths, beats and field recordings.

Bab L’Bluz are a French-Moroccan outfit fronted by vocalist Yousra Mansour.

Jantra is the mysterious Sudanese electro artist with last year’s album now remixed.

Mohamad Syfkhan is a Kurdish Syrian bouzouki player and singer based in Ireland.

Soundway are following up their Ghana Special from 15 years ago with volume number two.

Berlin’s afro-soul groovers Jembaa Groove have a new album next month.

Schnieke is Turkey’s Özgür Akgül on electronics and strings on his debut release.

Gordan are a new trio from Serbia, Germany and Austria - Svetlana Spajik on vocals.

Herandu are the Siberian duo of Evgeny and Mikhail Gavrilov.

Ruth Goller is a UK-based bassist with a track record in experimental contemporary music.

Shabaka Hutchings has put down his sax and picked up the flute for his new album.

Leyla McCalla is an American cellist, banjo player and singer of Haitian heritage.

Charlie Parr is a veteran US country blues singer-songwriter.

“Africatown”, recorded by Ian Brennan, is an impressionistic piece featuring the residents of the historic Alabama community with links to the last of the slave-ships arriving to America.

Lina, Portuguese fado singer, sings the poetry of Luis de Camões, produced by Justin Adams.

Neval is a young singer from the Kurdish community of Turkey.

Experimental Spanish duo Za! are collaborating with flamenco master vocalist Perrate.

Catherine Graindorge is a Belgian violinist, composer and actress.

Flute player Naissam Jalal combines jazz with many genres and the influence of the natural world - appearing at Bray Jazz festival in May.

Saxophonist John Surman has been a stalwart of the modern British jazz scene for over 50 years.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday March 12th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at and thereafter on Mixcloud

1.    Ana Lua Caiano: “De cabeça colada ao châo”.

2.    Ana Lua Caiano: “Deixem o morto morrer”.  Both from the forthcoming album “Vou Ficar Neste Quadrado” (Glitterbeat).

3.    Bab L’Bluz: “AmmA”. From the forthcoming album “Swaken” (Real World).

4.    Jantra: “Feej - Misumena remix”. From the EP “Jantra Remixed” (Ostinato 2024).

5.    Mohammad Syfkhan: “Leylim Ley”.  From “I Am Kurdish” (Nyahh 2024).

***Mohammad Syfkhan plays the Bello Bar on Friday 29th March***

6.    Pat Thomas: “Gye Wani”. From the forthcoming compilation “Ghana Special 2: Electronic Highlife & Afro Sounds in the diaspora 1980-93” (Soundway).

7.    Jembaa Groove: “Makomo”. Single from the forthcoming album “ Ye Ankasa” (Agogo).

8.    Schnieke: “Oro”. From “Hediye” (Asphalt Tango 2024).

9.    Gordan: “The bell is buzzing”. Single from forthcoming album “Gordan” (Glitterbeat).

10.  Herandu: “Regrets”. From “Ocher Red” (Hive Mind 2024).

11.  Ruth Goller: “How to be free from it”.

12.  Ruth Goller: “From breaks to shreds, it’s a short path”. Both from “Skyllumina” (International Anthem 2024).

13.  Shabaka Hutchings: “The end of innocence”. Single from the forthcoming album “Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace” (Impulse!).

14.  Leyla McCalla: “Love we had”. Single from the forthcoming album “Sun Without The Heat” (Anti-).

15.  Charlie Parr: “Little sun”. From “Little Sun” (Smithsonian Folkways 2024).

16.  Africatown: “Run, if you can (don’t go down that road)”.

17.  Africatown: “Do you hear me now”.

18.  Africatown: “Lead me home”.   All from “Africatown AL, Ancestor Sounds” (Free Dirt 2024).

19.  Lina: “Desamor”. From “Fado Camões” (Galileo 2024).

20.  Neval: “Yara” (Single on Segell Microscopi 2024).

21.  Za! & Perrate: “La Milonga” (Single on Lovemonk 2024).

22.  Catherine Graindorge: “Joan”. From the forthcoming album “Songs For The Dead” (tak:til / Glitterbeat).

23.  Naissam Jalal: “Rituel du Soleil”. From “Healing Rituals” (Les Couleurs du Son 2023).

***Naissam Jalal plays the Bray Jazz festival on May 3rd***

24.  John Surman: ‘Onich Ceilidh”. From “Words Unspoken” (ECM 2024).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Shakti: “This Moment” (Abstract Logix).

2.  Super Biton de Ségou: “Afro.Jazz.Folk Collection Vol. 2” (Mieruba/Deviation).

3.  Manu Delago: “Snow From Yesterday” (One Little Independent).


4.  ØXN: “Cyrm” (Claddagh).


5.  Muireann Bradley: “I Kept These Old Blues” (Tompkins Square).


6.  Mohammad Syfkhan: “I Am Kurdish” (Nyahh).

7.  Les Amazones d’Afrique: “Musow Danse” (Real World).


8.  Ann O’Aro: “Bleu” (Buda Musique).

9.  Almir Meskovic & Daniel Lazar: “Family Beyond Blood” (Alda Records).

10.  Lina: “Fado Camões” (Galileo).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Elkin Robinson: “Creole Vibration”. From the compilation “Caribbean Celebration” (Putumayo).

2.   Tiken Jah Fakoly: “Ouvrez les frontiers”. From “Acoustic” (Chapter Two).

3.   Arthur Melo: “Do colostro au osso”. From “Mirantes Emocionais” (Far Out).

4.   Queen Makedah: “Clean Hands” (Single remix on Oriyah Music).

5.   Louis Stewart: “Bluesology”. From “Louis The First” (Livia Records).
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