Playlist 11.01.2021

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Playlist 11.01.2021

On this week's programme:

Alostmen are Stevo Atambire’s Ghanaian kologo group produced by Wanlov the Kubolor.

Kongo Dia Ntotila are a UK blend of African rhythms and jazz musicianship.

The Madalitso Band are the Malawi duo from the streets of Lilongwe.

Hallelujah Chicken Run Band were top of the pops in mid-70’s Zimbabwe.

Urban Village are a new sophisticated quartet from Soweto.

Elida Almeida is a young singer from the island of Santiago in Cape Verde.

The Senegalese duo Ngatamaare play traditional Peul music in the “ripoo” style.

Nakany Kante is a Guinean singer based in Barcelona.

Omar Sosa is the celebrated Cuban jazz pianist on his travels in East Africa.

The Zanzibara series showcases Taraab music from Kenya and Tanzania.

Club Musical Oriente Cubano present 18 tres players from Eastern Cuba.

French-based Madagascan guitarist Tao Ravao joins forces with French harmonica virtuoso Vincent Bucher.

Sväng are a harmonica quartet from Finland exploring their folk heritage.

WoWaKin are a trio of young Polish traditionalists following in the footsteps.

Groupa are a long-established Nordic folk trio.

Naragonia are a duo from Belgium - Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo.

Steve Tilston is a veteran of the English folk scene.

This is the Kit is led by UK artist Kate Stables who is based in France.

Sutari are a Polish female trio with a theatrical bent.

Las Lloronas are also a female trio, from Brussels.

Luedji Luna is an Afro-Brazilian artist from Bahia.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday January 2021. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Alostmen feat. Gyedu Blay Ambolley: “Minus Me”. From “Kologo” (K7 Music/Strut 2021).

2.Kongo Dia Ntotila: “Matondology”. From “Half A Live Set” (Kongo Dia Ntotila 2020).

3.Madalitso Band: “Ndalakwanji” (Single on Bongo Joe 2020).

4.Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: “Kare Nanhasi”.

5.Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: “Mudzimu Ndiringe”. Both from “Take One (1974-79)” (Analog Africa 2020).

6.Urban Village: “Dindi”. From “Udondolo” (No Format! 2021).

7.Elida Almeida: “Bidibido”. From “Gerasonobu” (Lusafrica 2020).

8.Ngatamaare: “Jayre”. From “Ngalu Fouta” (Palenque Records 2020).

9.Nakany Kanté: “Karogbé”. From “De Conakry A Barcelone” (Kasba Music 2020).

10.Omar Sosa: “Thuon Mok Loga”. From “An East African Journey” (forthcoming on Otá Records).

11.Shakila & Black Star: “Macho Yanacheka (A smile in the eyes)”. From the compilation “Zanzibara 10: First Modern - Taarab Vibes from Mombasa & Tanga 1970-1990” (Buda Musique 2020).

12.Club Musical Oriente Cubano feat. La Familia Valera Miranda: “Yo Soy Tiburón”. From “Tres” (3soundrecord 2020).

13.Tao Ravao & Vincent Bucher: “Ranovelo”. From “Piment Bleu” (Buda Musique 2021).

14.Sväng: “Euran polkka ja Mollipolkka”. From “In Trad We Trust” (Galileo 2020).

15.WoWaKin: “Kujon”. From “Wiazanka” (BABA Studio 2020).

16.Groupa: “Slängpolskor”. From “Kind Of Folk: Vol. 1 - Sweden” (All Ice Records 2016).

17.Naragonia: “Biebzra”. From “Silentski” (Trad Records 2020).

18.Steve Tilston: “My Mystery Train”. From “Such Times” (Riverboat/World Music Network 2021).

19.This Is The Kit: “No Such Thing”. From “Off Off On” (Rough Trade 2020).

20.Sutari: “A Woda”. From “Siostry Rzeki / River Sisters” (AAUU 2020).

21.Las Lloronas: “Bodies”. From “Soaked” (Muziekpublique 2020).

22.Luedji Luna: “Uanga”.

23.Luedji Luna: “Tirania”. Both from “Bom Mesmo Estar Debaixo d’Agua” (Luedji Luna 2020).

Thanks for listening.

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Recommendations are below.

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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Urban Village: “Udondolo” (No Format!).

2.Lo’Jo: “Transe de Papier” (LoJo).

3.Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: “Take One (1974-79)” (Analog Africa).

4.Madou Sidiki Diabaté: “Djigui”. From “Kora Electrique” (Amarrass).

5.Joachim Cooder: “Over That Road I’m Bound” (Nonesuch).

6.Liraz: “Zan” (Glitterbeat).

7.Sandeep Das & The HUM Ensemble: “Delhi To Damascus” (In a Circle Records).

8.WoWaKin: “Wiazanka” (BABA Studio).

9.Sutari: “Siostry Rzeki / River Sisters” (AAUU).

10. Las Lloronas: “Soaked” (Muziekpublique).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: “Tinokumbira Kuziva”. From “Take One (1974-79)” (Analog Africa).

2. Azmari: “Kadiköy”. From “Samā’i” (Sdban Ultra).

3.Omar Sosa: “Che Che”. From “An East African Journey” (Otá Records).

4.Medicine Man Orchestra: “Les Rhythmes”. From “Medicine Man Orchestra” (Aribo Productions).

5.Las Lloronas: “Lagrimas”. From “Soaked” (Muziekpublique).

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