Playlist 07.02.2023

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Playlist 07.02.2023

On this week’s programme:

Kala Jula play Malian music and have enlisted the Beninois Gangbé Brass Band in their tribute to Kasse Mady Diabaté.

It’s Carnival time and Delfeayo, from the famous Marsalis family, delivers the New Orleans version.

US bluesman Eric Bibb recalls the Tulsa massacre, and duets with Taj Mahal.

Solomane Doumbia, percussionist and arranger for Salif Keita, traces routes from Mali to Nigeria.

Kimi Djabaté is from a travelling griot family in Guinea-Bissau.

There are unreleased recordings to come from the late Ali Farka Touré, father of Malian desert blues guitar.

Aziz Sahmaoui, of the University of Gnawa, joins forces with US cellist Eric Longsworth.

Didon is the Tunisian-American duo of Carmen Rizzo and Meriem Ben Amor.

The Meral Polat Trio play Kurdish soul, Anatolian folk and mountain songs.

Baton Bleu are a French duo playing original folk songs with broad influences.

Tsuumi Sound System are a Finnish seven-piece folk-rock outfit with a live album.

Dimitris Mystakidis is a Greek folk musician exploring the rembetiko tradition.

Manush Music brings together folk musicians from Turkey, Armenia, Belgium, Senegal and more.

George Telek Mamua has been in the forefront of Papuan music for several decades.

Soundway’s “Padang Moonrise” compilation has irresistible nuggets of early Indonesian recordings.

The Entoto Band are based in Amsterdam playing Ethio-funk and jazz.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday February 7th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Kala Jula feat. Fama Diabaté & Gangbé Brass Band: “Azanlin Takin”. From “Asro” (Buda Musique 2023).

2.    Delfeayo Marsalis & The Uptown Jazz Orchestra: “Carnival Time”.

3.    Delfeayo Marsalis & The Uptown Jazz Orchestra: “Big Chief”.  Both from “Uptown On Mardi Gras Day” (Troubadour Jass Records 2023).

4.    Eric Bibb: “Tulsa Town”.

5.    Eric Bibb feat. Taj Mahal: “Blues Funky Like Dat”. Both from “Ridin’” (Dixiefrog Records 2023).

6.    Solomane Doumbia: “Ségou to Lagos”. From “Ségou To Lagos” (forthcoming on Mieruba).

7.    Kimi Djabaté: “Yensoro”. From “Dindin” (Cumbancha 2023).

8.    Ali Farka Touré: “Safari”. >From the forthcoming album “Voyageur” (World Circuit).

9.    Aziz Sahmaoui & Eric Longsworth: “Messab”.

10.  Aziz Sahmaoui & Eric Longsworth: “Maktoube”. Both from “Il Fera Beau Demain Jusqu’a Midi” (Passé Minuit en Accords 2023).

11.  Didon: “Raven Lashes”. From “Tunisian Tale” (Electrofone 2023).

12.  Meral Polat Trio: “Diya”.

13.  Meral Polat Trio: “Benem”. Both from “Ez Ki Me” (Meral Polat Records/Audio Maze 2022).

14.  Baton Bleu: “Now is enough” (Single - Baton Bleu 2023).

15.  Tsuumi Sound System: “Silmkkeess”. >From “Concert In Stereo” (Tsuumi Sound System 2022).

16.  Dimitris Mystakidis: “Moirasma”. From “Morso” (Fish Bowl Tank 2022).

17.  Eren Uren & Emre Gültekin: “Aldanma Gönül”.

18.  Moussa Niang, Vardan Hovanissian, Raphael de Cock: “Sy Demba bouna”. Both from the compilation “Manush Music Vol. 1” (Uren Productions 2022).

19.  Telek: “Ramkuk”.

20.  Telek: “Giraun em i laif”. Both from “Kambek (I Lilikun Mulai)” (Wantok 2022).

21.  Orkes Teruna Ria: “Bulan Dagoan”.

22.  Yanti Bersaudara: “Gumbira”

23.  Orkes Suita Rama: “Tepui Tepui”.  All from “Padang Moonrise: The Birth of the Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 1955-1969” (Soundway 2022).

24.  Entoto Band: “Hedetch Alu”. From “Entoto Band” (Guitar Globetrotter Recordings 2023).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

 1.  King Ayisoba: “Work Hard” (Glitterbeat).

2.  Mostar Sevdah Reunion: “Lady Sings the Balkan Blues” (Snail Records).

3.  Solomane Doumbia: “Ségou to Lagos” (Mieruba).


4.  Gaye su Akyol: “Anadolu Ejderi” (Glitterbeat).


5.  Eric Bibb: “Ridin’” (Dixiefrog).


6.  Aziz Sahmaoui & Eric Longsworth: “Il fera beau demain matin jusqu’à midi” (Passé minuit en accords).

7.  Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu & Jive Connection: “Prodigal Son”. From “Face To Face” (Strut).


8.  Debashish Bhattacharya: “The Sound of the Soul” (Abstract Logix).

9.  Taraf Syriana: “Taraf Syriana” (Lula World Records).

10.  Lucas Santtana: “O Paraiso” (No Format).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.  Houria Aichi: “La primavère du printemps”. From “Chants Courtois de L’Aurès” (Accords Croisés).

2.  King Ayisoba: “Bossi labome”. From “Work Hard” (Glitterbeat).

3.  Jembaa Groove feat. K.O.G: “Sweet my ear” (Single on Agogo Records).

4.  Mircan Kaye: “Sad olup gülmedim”. From “Agitlar - Lamentations” (UCM).

5.  Taraf Syriana: “Dialogue Intimes”. From “Taraf Syriana” (Lula World).
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