Playlist 07.02.2022

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Playlist 07.02.2022

On this week's programme:

Avalanche Kaito are a trio of Burkinabé multi-instrumentalist and a Brussels noise-punk duo.

Trupa Trupa are a Polish indie rock outfit.

Societé Etrange are a Lyon-based trio with an album on the way.

Malian singer Rokia Kone has an upcoming album with Irish producer Jacknife Lee.

Dowdelin are a trio from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Armenia, based in Lyon.

Po’ Ramblin Boys are a US quintet playing true mountain bluegrass.

Deltas are a Portuguese-Brazilian instrumental group.

Xabi Aburrazaga is a trikitixa master of Basque folk music.

Vigüela play and sing the traditional songs of Castilla-La Mancha in Central Spain.

Stelios Petrakis plays the lyra, laouto and saz as part of his Cretan music quartet.

The Small Island Big Song collective highlight the climate change threat to island communities in the southern oceans.

Buh Records showcase the traditional sound of the Peruvian Amazon.

The Brussels label Rebel Up have a compilation of Peruvian chicha pop music.

The strings of the Ano Nobo Quartet celebrate one of Cape Verde’s foremost composers.

Park Jiha is a Korean composer on traditional instrumentation.

Sinikka Langeland is a Norwegian ECM artist, playing the Finnish kantele.

Oki releases a compilation of early work featuring the Ainu harp, the tonkori.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday February 7th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.Avalanche Kaito: “DabalominI”. From the EP “Dabalomini” (Glitterbeat 2022).

2.Trupa Trupa: “Moving”. From “B Flat A” (Glitterbeat 2022).

3.Societé Etrange: “La Rue Principale de Grandrif”. Single from forthcoming album (Bongo Joe).

4.Rokia Kone & Jacknife Lee: “Kurunba”. Single from forthcoming album “Bamanan” (Real World).

5.Dowdelin: “Lanmou Lanmou”.

6.Dowdelin: “Simé Love”. Both from forthcoming album “Lanmou Lanmou” (Underdog Records).

7.The Po’ Ramblin Boys: “Blues are close at hand”. From the forthcoming album “Never Slow Down” (Smithsonian Folkways).

8.Deltas: “Ciranda de Ruanda”. From “Deltas II” (Groovin Records 2022).

9.Xabi Aburrazaga: “Maestro Zubeldia”. From “Aurrez Aurre” (DND 2021).

10.Vigüela: “Jota el estilo de El Carpio de Tajo (Cualquier Jota no la sé)”.

11.Vigüela: “El pie derecho”.Both from “A La Manera Artesana” (ARC Music 2022).

12.Stelios Petrakis Quartet: “Sto Barbareso tis Avles”. From “Spondi” (Technotropon Artway 2021).

13.Small Island Big Song feat. Sauljaljui: “Marasudj”.

14.Small Island Big Song: “Festival of the Living Ocean”. Both from “Our Island” (Small Island Big Song 2022).

15.Conjunto Esperanza de San Martin: “La Pamashtinita”. From the compilation “Alrededor de la Humista - La Musica de los Conjuntos Tipicos Amazonicos de Peru” (Buh Records 2021).

16.Pepito Y Su Grupo Mazamorra: “La Contestacion a Gaviota”.

17.Los Shapis: “El Serranito”.Both from the compilation “Chicha Popular” (Rebel Up 2022).

18.The Ano Nobo Quartet: “Tio Bernar”.

19.The Ano Nobo Quartet: “Mie Fogo”.Both from “The Strings of São Domingos” (Ostinato 2022).

20.Park Jiha: “A Day In”. From the forthcoming album “The Gleam” (tak:til / Glitterbeat).

21.Sinikka Langeland: “When I Was The Forest”.

22.Sinikka Langeland: “Winter Rune”. Both from “Wolf Rune” (ECM 2021).

23.Oki: “Tonkori in the moonlight”. From “Tonkori In The Moonlight 1996-2006” (Mais Um 2022).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):
1.Small Island Big Song: “Our Island” (Small Island Big Song).

2.Assafir: “Digressions” (Assafir).

3.Susana Baca: “Palabras Urgentes” (Real World).

4.Arooj Aftab: “Vulture Prince” (New Amsterdam).

5.Majid Soula: “Chant Amazigh” (Habibi Funk).

6.Oki: “Tonkori In The Moonlight” (Mais Um).

7.Hamid Shaeri: “The Slam! Years (1983-1988)” (Habibi Funk).

8.Atonga Zimba: “A to Z” (Jinn Records).

9.Nilotika Cultural Ensemble: “Nyabingi Resurrection” (Switchstance Recordings).

10. Molo Sayat: “Hadaeq” (Zephyrus).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Hamid Shaeri: “Tew’idni Dom”. From “The Slam! Years 1983-88” (Habibi Funk).

2.Black Am I x Kabaka Pyramid: “Jah in my corner” (Ghetto Youths International).

3.David Krakauer: “North Country Square Dance”. From “Mazel Tov Cocktail Party” (Label Bleu/Table Pounding Records).

4.Ana Carla Maza: “La Habana”. From “Bahia” (Persona Editorial).

5.Park Jiha: “A Day In”. From “The Gleam” (tak:til).
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