Playlist 05.04.2021

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Playlist 05.04.2021

On this week's programme:

San Salvador are a six-member vocal polyphony and percussion group, singing in Occitan.

Antonis Antoniou is a member of Cypriot trios Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke.

DJ Tudo’s album, originally recorded in 2013, includes field recordings from N.E.Brazil and a host of collaborators.

Jadsa is a singer-songwriter relocated to São Paulo from Bahia, with some influential friends.

João Selva, Brazilian ex-pat resident in Lyon, explores the funky side of his heritage.

Long-running Johannesburg quartet, BLK JKS, have a new album on the way.

Kasai Allstars emerged from the Congotronics stable combining myth, folklore and intoxicating rhythm.

Ian Brennan, intrepid sound recordist, explores the sad and marginalised world of Ghana’s witch camps.

Les Filles de Illighadad are a female Tuareg trio from Niger.

Samba Touré is prominent Malian singer-guitarist, one-time protege of Ali Farka Touré.

“Industrial Strength Bluegrass” chronicles the migration of musicians from Appalachia to the factories of S.W Ohio in the last century.

Antrim nu-trad outfit Beoga are nearly 20 years together, with a burst of fame from Ed Sheeran in their CV.

Vaev are a Danish duo of veteran folkie Poul Lendal and the electronics of David Mondrup.

Frank London of Klezmatics has collected songs from ghettos around the world to mark 500 years of the Jewish ghetto in Venice.

Katerina Papadopoulou is a Greek singer and teacher specialising in the old traditions.

Piers Faccini, UK singer-songwriter, connects his homeland to the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Ballaké Sissoko is the great Malian kora master sporting a diverse array of guests.

Bobby Lee plays an ambient abstract style of US country folk guitar.

The “Hemingway” documentary has a soundtrack including Gyan Riley on guitar, produced by Johnny Gandelsman.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday April 5th. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.San Salvador: “Fai Sautar”.

2.San Salvador: “Lo Mes de Mai”. Both from “La Grande Folie” (La Grande Folie/Pagans/MDC 2021).

3.Antonis Antoniou: “Ttappa Kato”. From the album “Kkismettin” (Ajabu! 2021).

4.DJ Tudo: “Quero Passar - Duvida”. From “Pancada Motor Transformacão e Cura” (Mundo Melhor 2021).

5.Jadsa: “Fora Marte”. From “Olhode Vidro” (Balaclava 2021).

6.João Selva feat. Flavia Coelho: “Meu Mano”. From “Navega” (Underdog Records 2021).

7.BLK JKS: “Harare”. Single from forthcoming album “A Bantu / Before Humans” (Glitterbeat).

8.Kasai Allstars: “Olooh, a war dance for peace”. From “Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound” (Crammed 2021).

9.Witch Camp: “I am a beggar for a home”.

10.Witch Camp: “There are no promises in this world”. Both from “I’ve Forgotten Now Who I Used To Be” (Hidden Music - Glitterbeat 2021).

11.Les Filles de Illighadad: “Surbajo” (Single on Sahel Sounds 2021).

12.Samba Touré: “Sambalama”. From “Binga” (Glitterbeat 2021).

13.Jim Lauderdale & High Fidelity: “Barefoot Nellie”.

14.Josh Williams, Bradley Walker, Russell Moore: “Larry Sparks Medley - Dark hollow/A face in the crowd/These old blues”.Both from the compilation “Industrial Strength Bluegrass” (Smithsonian Folkways 2021).

15.Beoga: “Fires”. From the EP “Breathe” (Beoga 2021).

16.Vaev: “Jorn/Hellige konger tre”. From “Vaev” (GO Danish Folk Music 2021).

17.Frank London: “Accordion Jive”. From “Ghetto Songs” (forthcoming on Felmay).

18.Katerina Papadopoulou & Anastatica: “The Blue Hen-Pigeon/The Bagpipe Dance”. From “Anastasis - A Journey Through Old Greek Music” (Saphrane 2021).

19.Piers Faccini: “All Aboard”.

20.Piers Faccini: “Foghorn Calling”. Both from “Shapes Of The Fall” (No Format! 2021).

21.Ballaké Sissoko: “Mande Tabolo”. From “Djourou” (No Format! 2021).

22.Bobby Lee: “Enchanted Mesa”. From “Origin Myths” (Tompkins Square 2021).

23.Gyan Riley and others: “La Plenitud”. From “Hemingway” - PBS Documentary Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick (In A Circle 2021).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.Jupiter & Okwess: “Na Kozonga” (Zamora).

2.Christine Salem: “Mersi” (Blue Fanal).

3.V.A: “Edo Funk Explosion, Vol. 1” (Analog Africa).

4.Lee “Scratch” Perry: “Dubz Of The Root” (Megawave).

5.Samba Touré: “Binga” (Glitterbeat).

6.Ballaké Sissoko: “Djourou” (No Format!).

7.Antonis Antoniou: “Kkismettin” (Ajabu!).

8.Piers Faccini: “Shapes Of The Fall” (No Format!).

9.San Salvador: “La Grande Folie” (La Grand Foli/Pagans/MDC).

10. Warsaw Village Band: “Uwodzenie / Waterduction” (Karrot Kommando).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Kasai Allstars: “Musungu Elongo Paints His Face White to Scare Small Children”. From “Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound” (Crammed).

2.Balkan Taksim: “Shlonak”. From “Disko Telegraf” (Buda Musique).

3.Crimi: “La Vicaria”. From “Luci E Guai” (Airfono).

4.Fay Hield: “Hare Spell”. From “Wrackline” (Topic 2021).

5.Krononaut: “Loam”. From the EP “Scratch Test” (Glitterbeat).
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