Playlist 04.10.2023

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Playlist 04.10.2023

On this week’s programme:

Instrumental ensemble, Nègarit, are prominent on the Ethiopian jazz scene.

Bixiga 70 are a ten-piece outfit from São Paulo, appearing at the Cork jazz fest.

Ndox Electrique are two Europeans infiltrating Senegal’s n’döep ceremonies of possession.

Al Bilali Soudan, from Timbuktu, play an improvised desert-style based on the tehardent lute.

Multi-instrumentalist Idris Ackamoor has led the Pyramids on and off since the 1970s.

Cantares del Pacifico play marimba-led ancestral sounds from the river basins of Buenaventura, Colombia.

UK DJ/producer El Buho joins forces with Bomba Estereo’s singer Li Saumet.

Novalima are long-running Afro-Peruvian band with electronic dance beats.

Jason Singh explores his connection to the Manganiyar community of Rajasthan.

Ustad Noor Bakhsh is from Balochistan, playing an electrified benju.

Jan Wouter Oostenrijk is a guitarist merging Western with North African and Middle Eastern styles.

Derek Gripper is a South African guitarist who has famously transposed Malian kora music on to guitar. In Dublin this weekend!

The Parchman Prison Sunday service was captured live by adventurous sound explorer Ian Brennan.

Sarajevo-born singer Maja Milinkovic combines her local sevdah music with Portuguese fado.

Kavita Shah brings her jazzy style to Cape Verde and in particular the repertoire of Cesaria Evora.

Amin Al Aiedy is an oud-player and composer drawing on music from both sides of the Mediterranean.

Welsh harpist Catrin Finch collaborates with Irish fiddle-player Aoife Ní Bhriain.

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Tuesday October 4th. The programme goes out every Tuesday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Nègarit: “Yewelalia”.

2.    Nègarit: “Arba Minch”. Both from “Origins” (Buda Musique 2023).

3.    Bixiga 70: “Na quarta-geira”. Single from forthcoming album “Vapor” (Glitterbeat).

***Bixiga 70 play at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival, October 26-30***

4.    Ndox Electrique: “He Yay Naliné”. From forthcoming album “Tëdd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang” (Bongo Joe).

5.   Al Bilali Soudan: “Al Hamzia”. From “Babi” (Clermont 2023).

6.   Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids: “Truth to Power”. From “Afro Futuristic Dreams” (Strut 2023).

7.   Cantares del Pacifico feat. Eryen Korath: “Chigualo”.

8.   Cantares del Pacifico feat. Eryen Korath & Alberto Diaz: “Papachina”. Both from “Aguajes de Mar y Manglar” (Chaco 2023).

9.   El Buho feat. Bomba Estereo/Li Saumet: “Brujeria” (Single on Wonderwheel Records 2023).

10.  Novalima feat. La Dame Blanche: “Pura”. From “La Danza Part 1” (Six Degrees 2023).

11.  Jason Singh & Banwasi Collective: “Doonghar Dukham Dhey”. From “Travellers” (Hudson Records 2023).

12.  Ustad Noor Bakhsh: “Jingul”. From “Jingul” (Hive Mind 2023).

13.  Jan Wouter Oostenrijk: “Travelling East”. From “Travelling East” (Mountain Records 2023).

14.  Derek Gripper: “Korobali”.

15.  Derek Gripper: “Lampedusa”. Both from “Libraries On Fire” (New Cape 2016).

***Derek Gripper plays at Wesley House, Dublin on Saturday and Sunday October 7th & 8th***

16.  Parchman Prison Prayer: “If I couldn’t say one word, I’ll just wave my hand”. From “Some Mississippi Sunday Morning” (Glitterbeat 2023).

17.  Maja Milinkovic: “Meu bem”. From “Fadolinka 2.0” (Croatia Records 2023).

18.  Kavita Shah: “Sodade”. From “Cape Verdean Blues” (Kavita Shah 2023).

19.  Amin Al Aiedy: “Snow on Baghdad”. From “Shams” (forthcoming on Musique en Balade).

20.  Catrin Finch & Aoife Ní Bhriain: “Woven”. From “Double You” (Bendigedig 2023).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.  Luzmila Carpio: “Inti Watana - El Retorno del Sol” (ZZK Records).

2.  Cantares del Pacifico: “Aguajes de Mar y Manglar” (Chaco).

3.  Shono: “Kolkhozoy Traktor” (CPL-Music).


4.  V.A: Playing for the Man at the Door: Field Recordings from the collection of Mack McCormick 1958-1971 (Smithsonian Folkways).


5.  V.A: “Lost In Tajikistan” (World Music Network).


6.  Yungchen Lhamo: “One Drop Of Kindness” (Real World).

7.  Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood: “Jarak Qaribak” (World Circuit).


8.  Chango Spasiuk: “Eike! Entrar en el alma” (Chango Spasiuk).

9.  Kavita Shah: “Cape Verdean Blues” (Kavita Shah).

10.  Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids: “Afro Futurist Dreams” (Strut).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood: “Lhla Yzid Ikthar”. From “Jarak Qaribak” (World Circuit).

2.   Irreversible Entanglements: “Free Love”. From “Protect Your Light” (Impulse!).

3.   Ana Carla Maza: “Caribe”. Single from forthcoming album “Caribe” (Persona Editorial).

4.   Derek Gripper: “Alfa Yaya/Anna Magdalena”. From “Libraries On Fire” (New Cape).

5.   Dean McPhee: “Caddo Lake”. From the compilation “Imaginational Anthem XII: I Thought I Told You - A Yorkshire Tribute to Michael Chapman” (Tompkins Square).
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