Playlist 02.12.2019

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Playlist 02.12.2019

On this week's programme:

Ghanaian musician Gyedu-Blay Ambolley is a veteran of funk and Afrobeat styles.

The Songhoy Blues quartet bring a rocky vibe into Malian music.

Ibibio Sound Machine are London funkateers fronted by London-Nigerian Eno Williams.

Alune Wade is Senegalese bass-player, singer, composer, with a strong jazz pedigree.

Da Lata are a dance duo with a catalogue of Brazilian and World grooves.

Saigon Soul Revival’s mission is to recapture the burst of US-influenced soul music in 1970s Vietnam.

NST & the Soul Sauce are a Korean reggae band.

Brigadier Jerry is Jamaican dancehall DJ, aka Robert Russell.

Peace Development Crew are a German reggae band - with Jamaican Colah Colah guesting.

Tubará are reggae/dub merchants from Colombia.

Clinton Fearon is US-based Jamaican artist in collaboration with Ivorian reggae star Alpha Blondy.

Yaseen Mohammed played Kenyan taarab with infectious pop sensibility.

UK nine-piece Rafiki Jazz have roots in the Middle East, India, West Africa, South America and Europe.

Diabel Cissokho is Senegalese muti-instrumentalist with cross-cultural inclinations.

The  Good Ones are Rwandan, from several tribal backgrounds, formed as a healing force in the wake of the genocide.

Vova hail from the valleys of Hemsin in Turkey, keeping alive a near-forgotten culture.

Carmen Souza celebrates the connections between jazz legend Horace Silver and her home country of Cape Verde.

Milton Nascimento’s 1970s ballet and song-cycle, only released in 2002, gets a fresh pressing.

Lucas Santtana sings movingly of love, community, and disaffection in his native land.

Dimitris Mystakidis gives Greek rembetika another world-weary flourish.

Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday December 2nd. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.    Gyedu-Blay Ambolley: “Ignorance”. From “11th Street, Sekondi” (Agogo 2019).

2.    Songhoy Blues feat. Femi Kuti: “Shakara”. From the EP “Meet Me In The City” (Transgressive 2019).

3.    Ibibio Sound Machine: “She Work Very Hard”. From “Doko Mien” (Merge 2019).

4.    Alune Wade: “African Fast Food”. From “African Fast Food” (10H10 2018).

5.    Da Lata: “Oba Lata”. From “Birds” (Da Lata 2019).

6.    Saigon Soul Revival feat. Blacka: “Hao Hoa”. From “Hoa Am Xua” (INFRACom! 2019).

7.    NST & the Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee: “Bbaengdeok”. From “NST & the Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee - Version” (Eastern Standard Sounds 2019).

8.    Brigadier Jerry: “Weh Dem Ago Do” (Single on Tad’s Records 2019).

9.    Peace Development Crew feat. Colah Colah: “Reggae Music Oneness” (Single on Boomrush Productions 2019).

10.  Tubará: “Shampatai”. From “Colombian PowerHouses Vol. 2” (Independent Record Labels Alliance 2019).

11.  Clinton Fearon feat. Alpha Blondy: “Together Again” (Single on Baco Records 2019).

12.  Yaseen & Party: “Lala Mpenzi”. From “Yaseen & Party” (Afro 7 2019).

13.  Rafiki Jazz: “Su Jamfata”. From “Saraba Sufiyana” (Konimusic 2019).

14.  Diabel Cissokho: “Manssaya”. From “The Rhythm of the Griot” (Kafou 2019).

15.  The Good Ones: “The Farmer”. From “Rwanda You Should Be Loved” (Anti- 2019).

16.  Vova: “Ince Xarxan, Ander Xarxan”. From “Garmi Doç” (Ada Müzik 2019).

17.  Carmen Souza: “Señor Blues”. From “The Silver Messengers” (Galileo 2019).

18.  Milton Nascimento: “Santos Católicos X Candomblé”.

19.  Milton Nascimento: “Pai Grande”.  Both from “Maria Maria” (Far Out 2002/2019).

20.  Lucas Santtana: “Brasil Patriota”. From “O Céu É Velho Há Muito Tempo” (No Format! 2019).

21.  Dimitris Mystakidis: “Acharisti”. From “Edo & Ekei / Here & There” (Fishbowl 2019).

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

1.   El Khat: “Saadia Jefferson” (Batov).


2.  Asmaa Hamzaoui & Bnat Timbouktou: “Oulad Lghaba” (Ajabu!).


3.  DJ Dolores: “Recife 19” (Sterns).


4.  Various Artists: “No Other Love - Midwest Gospel 1965-78” (Tompkins Square).


5.  Various Artists: “Sound Portraits from Bulgaria - A Journey to a Vanished World 1966-1979” (Smithsonian Folkways).


6.  Lankum: “The Livelong Day” (Rough Trade).


7.  Flavia Coelho: “DNA” (Pias).


8.  Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki: “Fin’amor” (Lamia Bedioui).


9.  Aziza Brahim: “Sahari” (Glitterbeat).


10. Various Artists: “Just Around The Bend: Survival and Revival in Southern Banjo Sounds” (Smithsonian Folkways).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.   Mavis Staples: “Change”. From “We Get By” (Anti- 2019).

2.   Songhoy Blues feat. Femi Kuti: “Shakara”. From the EP “Meet Me In The City” (Transgressive).

3.  Tubará: “Shampatai”. From “Colombian PowerHouses Vol. 2” (Independent Record Labels Alliance).

4.  Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: “Savannahs”. From “Ragmala - A Garland of Ragas” (Meta Records).

5.  Daymé Arocena: “Not For Me”. From “Sonocardiogram” (Brownswood).
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