Playlist 02.05.2022

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Playlist 02.05.2022

On this week’s programme:

El Combo Batanga are a Spanish band with an Afro-Cuban style.

The New Regency Orchestra are a London Latin-jazz big band.

Oumou Sangaré is the queen of Wassoulou music from Mali.

Orchestre Massako were the premier band of their time in ’70s & ’80s Gabon.

Papé Nziengui, also from Gabon, plays the ngombi harp on his 1989 release.

Black Mango is the long-term project of Philippe Sanmiguel and his collaborators in Bamako.

Oliver Nayoka is an Igbo highlife musician, famous for his Congolese-style guitar.

Noori & His Dorpa Band represent the Beja culture of coastal Sudan.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka are a world-renowned group from the Rif Mountains of Morocco.

Perrate is an Andalusian flamenco singer of gypsy heritage.

Guitarist Gustavo Yashimura represents the Ayacucho tradition of Peru.

Les Fils Canouche are an acoustic jazz-folk outfit with oud, clarinet and accordion.

John McLaughlin, iconic jazz/spiritual guitarist is playing the NCH on the 26th May.

Brazilian jazz singer Flora Purim releases her first album for 15 years.

Tülay German, ex-pat Turkish singer, and accompanist François Rabbath are reissuing their early ’80s releases.

Norwegian composer Jon Balke has a multicultural ensemble on his new ECM release.

Gambian griot Dawda Jobarteh embellishes his voice and kora with a Danish string quartet.

Orchestra Baobab have just lost another founder-member, singer Rudy Gomis R.I.P.

***NB. There will be dancing (and listening) in IMMA’s historic courtyard with DJ Nigel Wood on Friday 6th from 6pm***

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Here is the playlist for "Ear to the globe" broadcast on Monday May 2nd. The programme goes out every Monday at 10pm to midnight on 103.2FM and is available live at

1.El Combo Batanga: “Ají Gua Guao” (Single on Lovemonk).

2.New Regency Orchestra: “Mango Walk (IG Culture Remix)” (Total Refreshment Centre 2022).

3.Oumou Sangaré: “Wassulu Don”. From “Timbuktu” (World Circuit 2022).

4.Orchestre Massako feat. Mack-Joss: “Boungoumoune”. From “Orchestre Massako” (forthcoming on Analog Africa).

5.Papé Nziengui et son groupe: “Gho mitsaba na voko”. From “Kadi Yombo” (Awesome Tapes From Africa 2022).

6.Oumou Sangaré: “Sira”.

7.Oumou Sangaré: “Timbuktu”. Both from “Timbuktu” (World Circuit 2022).

8.Black Mango feat. Bocar Sana Coulibaly: “Bakeina’s Dream”. From “Quicksand” (Gusstaff Records 2022).

9.Oliver Nayoka: “Ogene Sound System”. From “Aja Wele-Wele” (Odogwu/Palenque 2022).

10.Noori & His Dorpa Band: “Al Amal”. From “Beja Power! Electric Soul & Brass from Sudan’s Red Sea Coast” (Ostinato 2022).

11.The Master Musicians of Jajouka: “Khamsa Khamsin”. From “Dancing Under The Moon” (Glitterbeat 2022).

12.Perrate: “Tres Golpes”. From “Tres Golpes” (forthcoming on Lovemonk).

13.Gustavo Yashimura: “Las Prendas del Corazon”. From “Gustavo Yashimura - Living Legend of Ayacucho Guitar” (Hive Mind 2022).

14.Les Fils Canouche: “Mal de mer”. From “Nagori” (Vlad Productions 2022).

15.John McLaughlin: “As The Spirit Sings”. From “Liberation Time” (Abstract Logix 2021).

***John McLaughlin plays the National Concert Hall on May 26th***

16.Flora Purim: “This is me”. From “If You Will” (Strut 2022).

17.Tülay German & François Rabbath: “Homage to Nazin Hikmet”. From “Homage to Nazim Hikmet” (Zehra 2022).

18.Jon Balke & Siwan: “Enamorado De Jupiter”. From “Hafla” (ECM 2022).

19.Dawda Jobarteh: “Sunset in Batumi”. From “Soaring Wild Lands” (Sterns Africa 2022).

20.Orchestra Baobab: “Utru Horas”. From “Pirates Choice” (World Circuit 1989).

Thanks for listening.

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*Recommendations below!


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Current Album Recommendations (in no particular order):

 1.Oumou Sangaré: “Timbuktu” (World Circuit).

2.Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita: “Echo” (Bendigedig).

3.Bonga: “Kintal da Banda” (Lusafrica).

4.Papé Nziengui et son groupe: “Kadi Yombo” (Awesome Tapes From Africa).

5.V.A: “Saturno 2000: La Rebajada de los Sonideros 1962-1983” (Analog Africa).

6.Sowal Diabi: “De Kaboul A Bamako” (Accords Croisés).

7.Le Vent du Nord: “20 Printemps” (La Compagnie du Nord).

8.Africa Negra: “Antologie Vol. 1” (Bongo Joe).

9.Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee: “Bamanan” (Real World).

10. Park Jiha: “The Gleam” (tak:til /Glitterbeat).

Sound Tracks of the Week:

1.Oumou Sangare: “Wassulu Don”. From “Timbuktu” (World Circuit).

2.Papé Nziengui et son groupe: “Kadi Yombo”. From “Kadi Yombo” (Awesome Tapes From Africa).

3.L’Entourloop feat. Lyricson, Queen Omega & Red Fox: “Florilège” (Single on X-Ray Productions).

4.Dennis Bovell & Janet Kay: “Silly Games”. From “Dennis Bovell, The DubMaster: The Essential Anthology” (Trojan).

5.Orchestra Baobab: “Utru Horas”. From “Pirates Choice” (World Circuit).
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